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Looking for last minute classes? Study up on these 2nd-half minicourses

Enhance your academic performance this Spring 2024 semester with these second-half minicourses. – Photo by @Armin Rimoldi /

While the course add/drop period ended earlier in the semester, if you're still looking for a class to take or need to make up some credits, you're in luck. Rutgers offers a series of minicourses, half-semester classes that pick up mid-way through the spring and run for 7 weeks.

If you're interested in taking a minicourse but aren't sure where to start, here's a list of some interesting ones that are still open for registration!

"Archaeology Murder Mysteries"

Are you a fan of true crime? How about ancient history? If both sound interesting to you, consider checking out the "Archaeology Murder Mysteries" course offered through the Department of Anthropology. 

The course covers crimes that trace back to the beginning of civilization, everything from homicide to cannibalism to war. Not only will you delve into the mysteries that have plagued society for centuries, but you will also gain insights into how they shape our understanding of violence in the contemporary world.

"Islands and Lost Continents"

Another riveting class offered by the Department of Anthropology is "Islands and Lost Continents." If you're interested in geography and human culture, this could be a super fun class for you! 

The course covers, "the archaeology of islands and human dispersal in the past, starting with the Pleistocene and going from region to region." The class analyzes the "past dominated by the sea" and how that impacts our future. 

As a combination of history, anthropology and geography, this class is great for those with a variety of interests looking to learn something new!

"A Cultural Tour of Italy"

Even if you don't speak Italian, keep your eyes peeled for this class! If you're just interested in the history and culture of Italy, this minicourse also offers the opportunity to go on a deep dive into the country's rich history. 

The 1.5-credit course, taught in English, offers an immersive tour of cities like Naples, Rome, Urbino, Florence and Venice through the implementation of "literary texts, photographs, visual artworks, documentaries and films." 

So, no matter what era of Italy you're interested in, whether it's medieval or modern times, pack your bags and sign up for this class!

"Principles of Healthy Lifestyle"

It never hurts to take the time to focus on your health. If you're also looking for a minicourse, why not enroll in the "Principles of Healthy Lifestyle" course, offered by the Department of Kinesthesiology and Health?

Students should take advantage of the course, which introduces "the concept of healthy lifestyle for prevention and treatment of lifestyle-related diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, strokes and obesity." 

In college, it's easy to let unhealthy habits become the norm. Take this class and learn some healthy habits that can truly be beneficial in the long run.

"Introduction to American Cultures"

Rutgers offers plenty of courses about the history and culture around the world, but even outside of the classroom, it's incredibly important to understand these concepts to stay up-to-date with current events. 

Luckily, the Department of Africana Studies offers an "Introduction to American Cultures" course, which covers a multitude of important topics in U.S. history. The course specifically examines the "narratives of American settlement, pluralism and national dialogue." 

Students can take the lessons learned from this course and apply them to their own lives, something they can carry even after they graduate from Rutgers.

By now, most students are probably sure of where they stand in their classes for the semester. But, if you're looking to liven up your course load, be sure to check out the School of Arts and Sciences Advising page on minicourses to learn more about registration!

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