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'2093' till infinity: Yeat impresses with futuristic album

Yeat's "2093" album cover sets the tone for the sci-fi-infused project. – Photo by @yeat / Instagram

Years ago, if you'd have recommended the rapper Yeat to someone, they probably would've looked at you with a puzzled expression.

Many first heard of Yeat in June 2022 with the release of his single "Rich Minion," which served as a promotional track for the film "Minions: The Rise of Gru." In the song, Yeat raps from the perspective of the film's titular characters, sampling their voices alongside lighthearted lyrics and a catchy beat.

"Rich Minion" went viral that summer on TikTok as a part of the "GentleMinions" trend, which involved users recording themselves entering movie theaters dressed in suits, the song serving as the soundtrack for their shenanigans. 

The song wasn't meant to be taken seriously, but it launched Yeat into stardom and opened the door to new criticism. While fans unironically enjoyed the song, others saw it as being too tongue-in-cheek. 

Yeat continued to make waves in the industry, eventually securing a spot on Drake's 2023 album, "For All The Dogs." Their song, "IDGAF (feat. Yeat)," quickly became a hit — at the time of writing, it has more than 300 million plays on Spotify.

If listeners weren't convinced by "Rich Minion," Yeat's feature on an album by such an influential rapper displayed to the music community that he is someone to be taken seriously.

This year, Yeat continued this hot streak by dropping his fourth studio album, "2093." With a 22-song tracklist and a runtime of more than an hour, the project takes you on a journey to the distant future.

Unlike his previous albums, which mainly consisted of trap beats, this one experiments with his vocals and beats — on "Riot & Set it off," he alters his voice to sound like an extraterrestrial creature.

Yeat flexes his newfound A-list status by enlisting several legendary rappers as contributors. Lil Wayne features on "Lyfestylë," and Future makes a notable appearance on "Stand On It."

Lil Wayne's contributions are particularly admirable. Despite his status as a veteran rapper, it's refreshing to hear artists of his caliber show support for the newer generations. And there couldn't have been a better choice than Future to have been included in this project. Setting aside the obvious connection between Future's name and the album's title, his use of autotune and mumble rap perfectly complement Yeat's innovative sound — it's a shame they only collaborate on one song. 

Yeat's unique sampling is also something that new fans should take note of. On the third track, "Breathe," Yeat samples an episode of the popular cartoon series "Regular Show." It's difficult to imagine how he could've come up with this, but his cleverness keeps fans on their toes.

One day after releasing his new album, Yeat released a deluxe version titled "2093 (P2)," or "Phase 2," with two new tracks: "As We Speak," featuring Drake and "Never quit."

Yeat then released a third version of his album, "2093 (P3)," which was unfortunately not released on Spotify or any streaming platforms. The album can only be purchased for digital download on the rapper's website for $12.99 and features four more tracks, "Timë Passed," "Oh My Pockëts," "SKLUB" and "H.A.B."

The paywall divided fans — some were frustrated by the additional cost, while others were willing to pay extra. Regardless, Yeat's relentless release schedule only underscores his unwavering dedication to his craft. 

If you've somehow managed to avoid Yeat, "U Should Know" that now is the perfect opportunity to jump into his work with "2093."

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