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Family feud: Predicting which ‘Succession’ character will come out on top

Will any of the Roy siblings, played by Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook and Kieran Culkin, “succeed” before the end of the "Succession" series finale? – Photo by @succession / Twitter

If you're looking for a show with high-stakes drama, look no further than "Succession." One of the most acclaimed shows in recent years, the HBO Max hit has captivated audiences with its clever writing, unforgettable characters and mind-blowing twists.

As the show heads into the last leg of its final season, fans are wondering how the Roy family's story will end and what curveballs will be thrown into the mix. Here's how I think the final few episodes will play out for each of the Roy siblings. Spoilers for the show ahead!

Kendall's downfall

As funny as "Succession" is, it has more than its fair share of dark moments. What could be darker than having its main character, played by Jeremy Strong, face an untimely demise?

This season, Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) was finally bestowed the honor of leading his family firm, Waystar Royco, after being inducted as the company's interim co-CEO with his brother Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin).

After bringing the character to such a high point, the show could reach a satisfying and tragic end by having Kendall die, especially considering that he's cheated death multiple times already.

He survived a car crash in season one and almost drowned in a pool in season three. Kendall's late father, Logan Roy (Brian Cox), crossing out his name on a document earlier this season could be a sign of foreshadowing.

Another less gruesome possibility is that Kendall ends up in prison or loses his fortune. In the car crash in season one, he inadvertently killed a driver, which became something that his father used to manipulate him. It hasn't really come up since then, so it makes sense that the show would bookend with one of Kendall's past actions returning to haunt him.

Either way, it's all but certain that Kendall won't get out of this season unscathed.

Roman takes over

On paper, Roman seems like he would be the worst fit for CEO. Of all the Roy siblings, he's clearly the most immature and has the least experience. Despite this, he's named the other interim CEO, and by the end of this season, he could be the only Roy left standing.

Roman's main storyline throughout the series has been learning to mature and stand up for himself. As the youngest son, he's constantly been underestimated by his siblings and his father.

His character underwent a noticeable transformation in season four, becoming significantly more assertive than in previous seasons. He stands up against his father, something he was unable to do in season three, and in the most recent episode, he stands up for his family against a toxic potential buyer for Waystar Royco.

Seeing Roman end up as the CEO of the firm by making a cutthroat move against one of his siblings could serve as a satisfying end for both the show and his character arc.

Tom and Shiv get back together

As much as we all love the duo of Greg and Tom Wambsgans (played by Nicholas Braun and Matthew Macfadyen, respectively), it seems likely that Tom's final partner in crime will be his estranged wife, Siobhan "Shiv" Roy (Sarah Snook).

Despite the pair agreeing to initiate divorce proceedings earlier this season, there have been hints that the two could reunite. Even as they fight, there's clear chemistry still lingering between them, with the most recent episode ending with Shiv extending an olive branch to Tom.

Shiv's pregnancy, in particular, which she has kept hidden from the rest of her family, could be enough for the two to mend their relationship.

There are also hints that the two could team up to enact one last power play. Tom's decision to betray the Roy siblings at the end of season three ended up backfiring on him and diminishing his reputation.

After Kendall and Roman were named interim co-CEOs, Shiv became an afterthought to her brothers. It could be beneficial for both Shiv and Tom to work together for a chance to be at the company's helm.

Connor becomes President

As the often-forgotten fourth Roy sibling, the best outcome for Connor Roy (Alan Ruck) would be for him to step out of his family's shadow and achieve his dream of becoming the U.S. President.

With his election campaign currently struggling to gain traction, the final few episodes of the season could follow Connor as he surges in the polls and separates himself from his family. Despite all his flaws, Connor has always been the most self-aware sibling and knows that being a Roy comes with a lot of baggage.

Constantly neglected by his siblings and late father, seeing Connor finally succeed while his siblings all struggle would be an amazing underdog story — especially considering that he was interested in politics from a very young age.

Watching "Succession" every Sunday for the past five years has been a wild ride. Even though fans like myself think they have a grasp on where things are headed, there's no telling what tricks the show will pull out from its sleeve in its final episodes.

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