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Can't get enough Swift or Sheeran? Listen to these iconic collaborative tracks

Long-time collaborators Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift have another hit on their hands with the remix of "The Joker and the Queen." – Photo by Ed Sheeran HQ / Twitter

One of my favorite artists has taken the world by storm this week — Ed Sheeran. The remix of his song "The Joker And The Queen" from his latest album "=" was released last Friday, featuring Taylor Swift in a new iteration of the song.

The song is a duet sung by both Sheeran and Swift, who are collaborating for the fourth time. This duo is by far one of my favorite pairings in the music industry. -Sheeran has always proven to be a phenomenal songwriter, my favorite songs being "Castle on the Hill" and "Shape of You." I’m also in love with Swift’s writing style, my favorite songs of hers being "All Too Well (Taylor's Version)" and "King Of My Heart."

From the beginning to now, Sheeran and Swift have always been ready to impress. Sheeran first became friends with Swift after singing with her on the "Red" tour in 2013. Sheeran's success since then made me think of the influence that Swift has on the industry and how iconic she actually is. Many artists that she's had come on stage, like Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello, have all become hit singers in the world of music.

I always enjoy listening to Sheeran and Swift’s mashups, and you're bound to find something in their collaborations you like if you're a fan of either. But if you're looking for recommendations, here are all their collabs in order of what I think is best to worst — even though with Sheeran and Swift, the worst is still pretty good.

"End Game" by Swift featuring Sheeran and Future

"End Game" was released in 2017 for Swift’s hit album, "reputation" — which, ultimately, is my favorite album of hers by far. The album was inspired by her beau, Joe Alwyn, and includes hit songs, such as "Call It What You Want" and my favorite, "Getaway Car" (which still should’ve gotten a music video).

This is definitely my personal favorite out of all the duets that Sheeran and Swift have done, mostly because it brings back very nostalgic memories for me.

"reputation" was released after Swift had hidden away from the media and both her fans and haters after Ye and Kim Kardashian publicly released the controversial phone call about Ye's song "Famous." "reputation" has always been one of my favorite albums because it shows how she rose from the ashes and hit the world by storm with her music once again.

Swedish producer Max Martin's background dubstep for the song “I Knew You Were Trouble” back in 2011 made him a long-time collaborator of Swift's. Five years after their first song together, the song "End Game" was released with his production with rap and rhythm and blues influence. Along with the song's drums and beat, Swift sings, “Big reputation, big reputation/Ooh, you and me, we got big reputations.”

The music video and song also feature the rapper Future, and in it, Swift tells the story of a high-class life with plenty of partying in bars.

"The Joker and the Queen" by Sheeran featuring Swift

In this song, Sheeran and Swift brought back the kids from the "Everything Has Changed" music video. The music video shows the kids all grown up and living two different lives in college but still remembering the good times that they had together.

Fans are overwhelmed with nostalgia, as Sheeran states in a post on Instagram, "Me and Taylor first met and wrote + recorded our first song together in 2012, ten years ago now, I'm so so honoured to have her on this song.”

Swift later posted, "Congrats (Sheeran)!! This video makes me think of our friendship all these years... also can't believe Jack & Ava from the Everything Has Changed video came back and did this!! Nostalgic heaven!" 

"Run" (feat. Ed Sheeran)(Taylor's Version)(From The Vault) by Swift

In Swift’s rerelease of "Red (Taylor’s Version)," the vault track features a song written and produced by Sheeran. The song, called "Run," was written back in Swift's original "Red" era, and the new recording marks the duo’s third collaboration. Sheeran sings in the song, "So you laugh like a child/And I'll sing like no one cares/No one to be, no one to tell."

I absolutely love the love that these two have for each other, and this song just proves it!

"Everything Has Changed" (feat. Ed Sheeran) (Taylor's Version) by Swift

Swift released this song back in 2012, and at the time, she stated in an interview that she thought that Sheeran was an exceptionally talented musician and that they had decided to collaborate on songs together — and thank God they did.

This song tells the tale of two kids who are best friends and shows them playing together while they were in grade school. I enjoyed that this song was so realistic and relatable.

So those are the four songs that Sheeran and Swift have released, ranked from their best to the worst. I think that Sheeran and Swift create an iconic duo, and I can’t wait for more songs from them in the future.

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