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Here's what song you should stream next based on your zodiac sign

If you're looking for a fun way to get into new music, check out what tracks are recommended for your sign! – Photo by CuteCalendar /

Music is something that transcends age, race, gender, class — and yes, cue the eye rolls, zodiac signs. But these star-influenced looks into your personality, whether you wholly believe or just engage for fun, can be great insights into what music you should listen to. Whether these songs capture your personality, or function as this week’s horoscope, give a listen to the recommendations below.

If you think I’ve got it wrong, check your moon sign too (and if you still think I’m wrong, well, you’re probably an Earth sign).

Aries — “brutal” by Olivia Rodrigo 

There’s an aggressive side to you, Aries: Your competitive nature lends itself to the comparison game that’s found inside “brutal,” and your high-spirit means you don’t care if everyone knows you’re mad.

Your energetic, passionate energy perfectly fits angry teen pop-punk, and your sense of humor shines through in some of the songs’ sassier moments. Don’t let your anger fester for too long, but while it’s there, I’m with you — it really is brutal out here

Taurus — “XS” by Rina Sawayama 

A little tongue in cheek? Maybe. Hopefully, the notoriously most materialistic of the twelve signs can appreciate the wit behind this song selection. And that’s if you take it at it’s satirical value — play this song straight, Taurus, and you might like it even more! You know what you want, and you’re unafraid of opulence. But don’t worry — your generous spirit means you’ll be sharing the excess, anyway. 

Gemini — “Talk Too Much” by COIN

The title speaks for itself on this one, Gemini. Sorry! You leave no stone unturned in conversation, which can be both a blessing and a curse. This upbeat track is perfect for a social butterfly such as yourself, and it highlights both your social highs (and lows). You’re lucky you’re self-deprecating, because this truly is the perfect track for someone who can’t help but put their two cents in (Two cents? Coin? Get it?). 

Cancer — “Wildflowers” by Tom Petty

Sweet, nostalgic Cancer. You getting a song from before the early aughts makes sense, considering you and the past are constantly tangled up (or, really, you cling to it). Not to mention your soft, romantic side is perfect for a classic, acoustic ode to love.

Cancers can be weighed down by the obligation to be there for everyone — so free yourself from this when you listen to Tom Petty tell you you belong somewhere you feel free

Leo — “Super Rich Kids” by Frank Ocean

You’re confident, Leo, but you don’t need me to tell you that. Like Taurus, you’re unafraid of luxury, but unlike your earthy counterpart, the Lion has a lazy streak, making this relaxed pick of wealth-oriented anthems the one for you.

Even if you’re not a super rich kid, it’s easy to imagine yourself lazing the day away with a bottle of expensive champagne when you listen to this — if this is your reality, though, don’t be afraid to slide some of that money my way. Leos are generous too!

Virgo — “Me & My Dog” by boygenius

The weight of the world isn’t really on your shoulders, Virgo, even though you think it might be. The anxiety detailed in “Me & My Dog” is probably nothing new to you, and it’s time you tap into your emotional side instead of hiding it behind perfectionism. You deserve a break, Virgo, and don’t let yourself fall into the danger of worrying too much about how things look, or how they might affect the future. 

Libra — “Cherry Cola” by Kuwada

Hello, fellow Libras! We’re in midst of Libra season, and I’m giving us a love song. It’s no secret that Libra season is also the beginning of cuffing season for a reason: Libras are romantics at heart!

We tend to be people-pleasers, so this song is also kind of a call out — we expect ourselves to be the “Cherry Cola” in people’s lives, and bring them all the love they need to fix things. But sometimes, we need a reminder to be true to ourselves and not what other people need. But for now, jam to this! 

Scorpio — “Jealous” by Eyedress 

Is there anyone more jealous than you, Scorpio? Your possessive nature and signature water sign moodiness is captured in this song. With your romantic heart, it’s no secret a love song is perfect for you, but be sure to keep an eye on your resentfulness and pettiness.

Don’t get too stuck in your head, my dear Scorpio. You are something special! Quit wasting your time on people who don’t make you feel that way — but also quit blowing out of proportion the fact that you didn’t get a text back.  

Sagittarius — “Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Sagittarius, ever the traveler. Always open for an adventure, Sagittarians need to conquer their fun-loving spirit with satiating their wanderlust instead of another night out on the town.

A perfect road trip song? This classic. The cheery whistles and quirky spoken parts of this song are perfect for the bubbly, social Sagittarius. And while you value independence, Sag, don’t be afraid to find your “Home” in a friend or lover to share this song with! You can’t road trip away from your commitment issues forever. 

Capricorn — “Everybody Wants To Rule the World” by Tears for Fears

It’s no shock that the practical, ambitious Capricorn gets a song about wanting to quite literally rule the world. Now, Capricorn, you might be thinking — “Duh, I’d be damn good at it? Everybody should follow my rule.” Which just means I’ve made the right choice.

Remember that you don’t need to be so independent, you aren’t right all the time and that it’s okay to have someone be your co-ruler in the fight to become emperor of the world. Or maybe just Rutgers. Or maybe just leader on your next group project? 

Aquarius — “Small Foreign Faction” by Haley Blais 

Aquarius, we all know you totally relate to the viral Jughead “I’m weird, I’m a weirdo” speech from "Riverdale," but if that’s too cringe for your tastes, feel free to listen to Haley Blais’ “Small Foreign Faction” instead.

Your detached nature speaks to the lyrics of the song, and the more aloof, dark and curious parts of you will appreciate the creepy true crime tribute in the song’s title. Plus, it’s easily the most underground song on this list, so you can keep feeling special and unique. Which, if you ask this Aquarius rising, you totally are. 

Pisces — “Don’t Feel Like Crying” by Sigrid

Not to get too stereotypical about water signs, but Pisces: Wipe those tears, and keep your chin up. You aren’t just a crybaby, you have a dreamy, hopeful side to you too.

Sigrid’s anthem appeals to your charming, imaginative side (can you imagine not crying after a breakup?) with its ready-for-radio pop-timism, but it also reminds you to keep your moodiness in check and get your dance on. Even if your soft, loving heart gets broken, life goes on. You can too!

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