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Where to get much needed cottagecore vibes

Cottagecore is an aesthetic that has gained recent popularity, and can be seen in albums like Taylor Swift's "folklore."  – Photo by Kelly Carmack

Among other things, the year 2020 has given us a lot of new trends — cottagecore being one of the most popular ones. Cottagecore is an aesthetic that embodies the more traditional aspects of life. It focuses on artistry, artisanal things like foraging, pottery, gardening and more.

Cottagecore is nostalgic, comforting and brings us to a simpler time and place full of peace and tranquility. It's a much needed and much appreciated aesthetic, and offers an aesthetic that can be associated with farm living, fairies, imagine what the movie "Little Women" looked like — taking the 19th century and giving it a modern and whimsical twist.

Here are four tips, resources and ideas to make you feel all of the cottagecore vibes. 

Cottagecore on Spotify

This link brings you to a carefully crafted playlist that transports you to a calm and peaceful place away from reality. I actually sat and listened to this playlist while creating this piece.

It has 69 songs on it and lasts 3 hours and 47 minutes. It is a great playlist to get you in the mood and mindset of cottagecore, especially because it's fall and that makes it all the more aesthetic. I highly recommend this playlist and other playlists like it.

Cottagecore inspiration on Pinterest

Cottagecore has become a crazy popular aesthetic on Pinterest and there are thousands of photos and pages with images and ideas to help you make your own cottagecore vibes at home.

This board is bound to give you nostalgic cottage vibes.

Cottagecore takes the big screen

Movies, as we all know, give us undeniably strong vibes based on the theme and style of the film, and cottagecore is no exception. Below is a list of films that are based both in the past and present but surround themselves with all of the cottagecore aesthetic: lush green hills, soft makeup and hair, farmers’ markets and gardens and the mystical like fairies and fairytale elements.

I have seen some of these films myself and I highly recommend them for anyone interested in cottagecore. They will make you want to grow your own garden and grab a good book a canvas tote and go to the farmers market. 

  1. "Tales of Beatrix Potter" (1971)

  2. "The Secret Garden" (1993)

  3. "Little Women" (2019)

  4. "Tuck Everlasting" (2002)

  5. "My Neighbor Totoro" (1988)

Oh, the cottagecore places you'll go...

Cottagecore is all about artisanal work, shopping small, buying organic and being mindful of nature. Some great places and things to do that will make that cottagecore aesthetic shine are listed below. These are some of my personal favorites and give me all of the nostalgic garden vibes. 

  1. New Hope, Pennsylvania — This is such a cute small town right on the border on Pennsylvania, only 45 minutes from New Brunswick. It is full of small businesses, a beautiful river, thrift stores and restaurants. It is a great place to go all year round and it is cottagecore vibes all the way. Even the drive is scenic and beautiful full of trees and greenery.

  2. Peddler's Village, Pennsylvania — This is also another Pennsylvania spot not too far from New Brunswick and only approximately 15 minutes away from New Hope. It is known for its Christmas villages, but it is beautiful all-year-round especially the late summer and fall. It is a small village with little shops on a hill and cute restaurants and coffee shops. You can find handmade goods, a spice shop and some cute clothing stores. It is a beautiful place to visit and super nostalgic.

  3. Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania — This one is a bit of a drive, approximately two hours, but it is so worth it. It is a grand garden that you can walk through, three are flowers and plants and lots of greenery. There are amazing and intricate fountains and buildings made of glass. The greenhouse looks like a palace. It truly feels like being in another world and transported to a different time. It is beautiful and worth the drive.

  4. Any outdoor farmers market or flea market — Outdoor markets are nostalgic for better times. You can find so much local produce and handmade products, so get your flowy dress on, a big hat and grab that canvas tote and head over to your local farmers market for some extreme cottagecore vibes while helping your local community. 

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