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Best locations on campus for in-between-class naps

 – Photo by Photo by Salma HQ | The Daily Targum

As a Rutgers student, it can be difficult balancing your classes, social life, work and involvement on campus. We only get so many hours in a day that it’s natural to want to fall asleep in between classes and get that extra time to rest, as it is important for our wellbeing. Rutgers has a variety of locations where students can nap across all campuses. Here is a list of the five best and safest spots.

Academic Building on the College Avenue

The academic building is one of the nicer classroom buildings on campus and a popular study spot among students. It's scattered with tables and plush couches to lay on, and it's a good and comfortable place to squeeze in a nap. Students are always coming and going in and out of the building so it will never be vacant. You can always ask someone to watch over your stuff to be safe while you nap — you won’t be judged. It also has two wings and multiple floors to choose from if certain spaces are occupied.

Mabel Smith Douglass Library

The Douglass library is a calm, quiet and cozy place to get work done and take a nap. It has many couches and chairs and there is a very low chance of anyone disturbing you. The tables are scattered with students studying to be on the lookout for your stuff. It’s not as populated as the other libraries on campus and there is a tapestry room on the floor below that has dim lighting if you prefer it to be darker. The library also has abstract artwork on the walls, which adds to the ambiance.

Cook Student Center

The Cook Student Center is centrally located between Cook campus and Douglass campus right next to the gym. It has a popular cafe and a seating area upstairs where students often lounge and study. There are many couches joined with tables which are comfortable enough to sleep on, speaking from personal experience. If you need a nap after stuffing yourself with a wrap at Cook Cafe or from hours of studying, this is the perfect spot. Since the area is devoted for studying, it is generally quiet.

Student Activities Center Lounge

The Student Activities Center on the College Avenue campus, most commonly known as the SAC, has a nice quiet lounge inside that is also suitable for napping. The room is vast and there are many cozy couches to sleep in. If you want pin drop silence, this is an ideal spot for you. Since most people are independently studying, there is hardly any chatter. The building is also monitored by a front desk receptionist, so it is safe.

Tillett Hall

Tillett Hall on Livingston campus is a dimly lit building that has a common area where students hang out. It's quiet and has an array of benches grouped together in the middle of the room to spread out and get some brief sleep. 

Since it's a popular classroom building, the area is safe because students are always around. Many students are seen taking a break here in between classes and it is a highly recommended location to nap.

The best place to nap with complete privacy and silence is your dorm room or apartment, but these are good alternative options if you commute or are far from wherever you live. 

When napping, always make sure you keep your belongings close, like using your backpack as a pillow for instance. Since Rutgers is a big school, students should take advantage of the privileges the school provides. Happy napping!

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