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From Victor to Robby Ray: List of greatest Disney Channel dads

Miley Cyrus and her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, starred in the hit show "Hannah Montana." The two played characters similar to themselves off-screen. – Photo by Wikimedia

Many of our childhoods align with the iconic era of Disney Channel, when everyone’s favorite shows “Hannah Montana,” “Wizards of Waverly Place” and “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” dominated the network. These shows were immensely popular among young age groups and feature a variety of fun, iconic characters.

In many Disney Channel shows, dads play an important figure in their children’s lives, delivering important lessons and lighting up the environment with their humor and sass. Here is a list of the best dads on Disney Channel.

Victor Baxter — "That’s So Raven"

Victor is the fun and goofy chef and dad of Raven and her brother Cory on the beloved show “That’s So Raven.” He carries a certain humor and attitude that is seen in his daughter Raven. He also acts as a father figure for Raven’s best friend Chelsea. Victor has a lot of love for his family and isn’t afraid to embarrass himself — a dad’s best trait. He later goes on to assume the role of the president’s chef in the spin-off “Cory in the House.”

Jerry Russo — "Wizards of Waverly Place"

The next best dad is Jerry, the father of a family of wizards and a true Italian at heart. He is a stickler for abiding to the rules of magic, much to his daughter's, Alex, dismay. Jerry has tough love for Alex, as he doesn’t approve of her rebellious tendencies. He often has to clean up after her mistakes, like using a spell incorrectly and turning her uncle into Shakira.

Since he no longer has his magical powers, he is passionate about passing down his knowledge to his kids. Although he maintains a microscope on Alex throughout the show, he means well.

Bob Duncan — "Good Luck Charlie"

Bob is a proud exterminator and father of four, eventually five, children who are all handfuls. He, along with his wife Amy, manage two teenagers, Teddy and PJ, a 12-year-old prankster and an adorable but mischievous baby girl named Charlie.

Outside of his job at “Bob's Bugs Be Gone,” he tries his best to be there for his kids. He often comes back from work and busts through the kitchen door, meddling into his children’s business. He expects more from Teddy than PJ and is very protective of her, especially when she starts dating guys. His love for his family and amusing passion for bugs makes him a great father.

Robby Stewart — Hannah Montana

The best dad, in my opinion, is Robby, father and manager of Miley. He cares deeply about Miley not just as a singer but also as a normal teenager managing a double life. As a musician and hillbilly himself, Robby lends his passion and support to Miley’s career as Hannah Montana and loves an opportunity to pull out his guitar.

The real father-daughter relationship between the actors is visible on screen. He is a prankster but also offers Miley and her brother Jackson words of wisdom when they need it. His language is also littered with catchphrases like “yee doggies!” and “sweet niblets,” ones we could never forget. As a single father managing two chaotic kids, he does a great job.

The common thread in all these shows is that the dads are all fathers of teenage girls. They all share a protectiveness over them in their own unique ways. While they aren’t perfect, they always try to be there for their children to offer guidance in their lives. They are characters we’ve once entered in our own households and all come to know and love. 

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