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Happy Holloway-ween! Try these 6 Rutgers-inspired costume ideas

Passion Puddle on the Douglass campus is just one of the many Rutgers-inspired Halloween costumes you can don this year. – Photo by Evan Leong

Happy Halloween! If you're a Rutgers student looking for a last-minute costume idea, you're in luck. Here are some Rutgers-inspired costumes to wear while attending Halloween parties, going bar-hopping or simply roaming around campus.

Sir Henry

There's no better costume to kick off this list than your own spooky version of our beloved mascot, Sir Henry. To emulate his signature look, wear a red Rutgers t-shirt and black pants. Add a knight helmet to really tie the look together, and you'll be a Sir Henry doppelganger in no time. If you want to include some props, a simple foam sword and shield should do the trick.

Mounted Patrol

If you've ever spent some time on the Cook and Douglass campuses, you've probably encountered a member of the Mounted Patrol. These community service officers provide security to the campus while on horseback.

For a unique, Rutgers-themed security officer costume, you can start with a typical police costume and then add equestrian elements like a riding helmet and boots. You could even add a cute stuffed horse so people really understand the inspiration behind your costume! This is a fun way to have a unique costume while also making your friends aware of an organization at Rutgers they may have never heard of. 

LX Bus

Moving into some more humorous costume ideas, the LX is perhaps the most infamously crowded bus at Rutgers. While it might be a less straightforward costume, you can make an LX-themed costume by wearing red, black and white, the colors of Rutgers buses.  Then, you could make your own LX decorations, like a sign saying LX and "headlights" made out of construction paper. To really sell the LX riding experience, make sure you bump into as many people as possible at your Halloween party.

SHI Stadium

This is another costume you can easily put together, starting with a Rutgers t-shirt, especially one that includes the name or a drawing of SHI Stadium on Busch campus. Put on your t-shirt and other Rutgers-colored clothes, and then add in football fan-themed accessories like a pom pom or under-eye face paint. You could even add a red or black tutu to represent the oval shape of the stadium!

Ghost of TransLoc

Turn a simple sheet ghost costume into a humorous Rutgers-themed reference by dressing as the ghost of TransLoc. To pay homage to our favorite gone but not forgotten bus tracking app, you can make a ghost costume out of a white sheet or use a premade costume. Then, print out a picture of the TransLoc logo and tape it to your costume, or draw the logo right onto your sheet.

Passion Puddle

This last Rutgers-themed costume idea is based on one of the prettiest spots on campus, Passion Puddle on Douglass campus. You could start with a blue, green or brown dress or shirt. Then, you could add some blue ribbons to your hair to represent the iconic fountain look. To really sell the Passion Puddle idea, you could include some pictures or even a stuffed animal version of the geese that typically hang out by the water.

If you're still looking for a costume this Halloween, hopefully, one of these ideas helps you out so you can be the best-dressed Scarlet Knight on campus!

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