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This new season will have 'You' wondering whodunit

Penn Badgley returns as Joe Goldberg on the show "You" with a new identity, but will the past catch up with him? – Photo by @YouNetflix / Twitter

The dangerously charming and murderous Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) is back with a new season of obsession, intrigue and an entirely new identity. Featuring a few new murders across the pond, season four of "You" is to die for.

Jonathan Moore, I mean Joe Goldberg, has got his hands in yet another mess. Following an attempt at starting over with a new name and a new life in London, Joe finds himself stuck in the middle of another murder mystery.

But this time, it’s not his mess he’s cleaning up. After Joe receives some stalkery messages from someone claiming to know who he really is, he finds himself headed down another rabbit hole, and there’s no way out but through.

Of course, it wouldn’t be "You" without the obsession of another potential love interest, Kate Galvin (Charlotte Ritchie), and a few killings he may or may not be responsible for. But Joe will do anything to clear his name and keep his girl safe.

If you take the first three seasons of the show and add a little bit of the A-like text stalking from "Pretty Little Liars,” you’ve got season four of "You." It introduces new characters, potential new relationships and a lot of questions.

As Joe tries to adjust to his new life as Professor Moore, the audience gets a chance to see Joe in a different light. He attempts to swear off his murderous tendencies and become a better person, and this time he's the victim rather than the killer.

Although his plan doesn’t quite pan out, Joe still needs to find a way to clear himself of the recent murders that he didn’t have a hand in. In the process, Joe befriends a rich group of socialites and thinks his new life in London could be the perfect way to forget his past (AKA: Love Quinn, his son, burning his house down and countless deaths).

But when one of his new friends ends up getting involved in the murders, Joe is left to put the puzzle pieces together, all while trying not to revert back to the man he once was.

A few of the new characters introduced include Kate, Phoebe, Adam, Roald, Simon and Rhys. Kate, as I mentioned before, is the potential new love interest this season, but she’s different from past characters we've seen before.

She's headstrong and not immediately trusting of Joe, which brings out a new side of him as he tries to gain that trust. Her tough exterior was a bit annoying at first as she was so resistant to letting people in.

Although, given the fact that she’s smack in the middle of a chain of murders, her unwillingness to trust isn’t that much of a surprise. The other people Joe has befriended are there mostly to cause suspicion and keep the audience guessing.

This first half of season four is a classic whodunit with questionable characters who wreak a lot of havoc. They’re more in it for the drugs, booze and party life, and they are pretty much oblivious to everything else going on around them.

Although Joe is in another new environment, he takes on his new role as a professor well. Okay, he does spend most of the season trying to solve the murders rather than being an actual professor, but he wouldn’t be Joe Goldberg if he wasn’t involved in some type of trouble.

Joe is both charismatic and convincing, which is what makes "You" continue to be such an interesting watch, and he uses his charm to switch effortlessly between his dual personalities. Badgley perfectly portrays his creepy character once again and makes you wonder why you sympathize with him so much.

As for the second half of the season, which comes out March 9, fans are hoping for more of an inside look as to why the killer is who he or she is (no spoilers). We left off the first half of the season with a huge bomb dropped and a fire started, so the next five episodes should be worth the wait.

Despite Joe’s obvious flaws, season four will have you rooting for him while anticipating the true killer’s next move.

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