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DODARO: Möge Tee's drinks are worth going off campus for

Column: Sip it Up

Möge Tee offers a variety of tasty drinks that are only a short drive away.  – Photo by Moge Tee / Twitter

I know that I have been on a bubble tea craze for the majority of my reviews, but I just could not ignore Möge Tee’s diverse menu and amazing drinks. Even though there is a distance as it is approximately 10 minutes from the College Avenue campus, the cheese foam is the best around.

Kickstarting this review, the atmosphere of Möge Tee’s shop is definitely interesting. There is a wooden structure with round pillows so customers can sit at multiple levels. Also, there is a bunch of regular seating so if you want to grab your favorite bubble tea and have a chat with friends, there is plenty of space for that.

Originally, the amount of options is what drew me to trying out Möge Tee. They have every kind of delicious beverage to quell your drink desires. The drink categories they have are cheese foam fruit tea, regular fruit tea, milk swirl, milk tea, cheese foam tea, fresh fruit Yakult, Uji matcha, tofu pudding and yogurt fruit tea.

If you want a dessert pairing with your choice of beverage, they have dorayaki (Japanese sponge cake with a cream filling) and souffle.

After looking over every option, I settled on four separate drinks: bubble milk tea, grapefruit Yakult, taro tofu pudding with milk tea and cheese foam black milk tea. Since every bubble tea shop has different specialties, I figured it would be wise to pick various options with numerous toppings and tea bases.

The wait time after ordering was extremely quick, and my flight of drinks was ready in less than 5 minutes (which is much quicker than any other cafe I have been to). Regardless of the wait time, the quality of the drinks was sublime.

The first drink I poked my straw into was the bubble milk tea since it is the standard for every review. Since this drink was not too sweet, the soft sugar tinge to the boba accentuated the caramel tea flavor perfectly. The consistency of the boba was the ideal chewy to firm ratio, and the taste had me anticipating each sip.

Following the bubble milk tea, the next flavor combo to reach my tastebuds was the sour yet fruity grapefruit Yakult. Because it is topped with bitter grapefruit slush, there is a nice texture to the tea. If you are in the mood for fruity tea without all the tooth-aching sweetness, this is the drink for you. The refreshing grapefruit flavor reminded me of a warm, bright summer.

Once I had my fill of the grapefruit Yakult, I switched gears to try the taro tofu pudding with milk tea. The grainy and sweet taro mixed with the soft, flavorless pudding was the ultimate texture combo that took the drink to a whole new level. This texture, along with the bitter black tea flavor, gave it an almost rice pudding-like taste and feel.

Saving the best for last, the cheese foam black milk tea was an absolute dream. The earthy tones in the matcha paired with the bitter tea sweetened to perfection created an ideal combination for the salty cheese foam topping. Usually, I am not a fan of cheese foam with tea since it tastes like curdled milk, but this cheese foam was both sweet and salty.

For pricing, I would say Möge Tee is pretty standard, falling between $4 to $8 per drink. Because the cups were a bit bigger than most bubble tea shops and the drink quality was superb, I considered the price to be worth it.

If you do not want to make the drive over to Edison for some tasty beverages, there is always a delivery or an order-ahead option. Because it is a pain to get my car, I appreciate the ability to order from the comfort of my dorm. This means there is no excuse to not give Möge Tee a try.

Finishing up this review, let us recall all of Möge Tee’s optimal attributes. There is no argument over the excellence that Möge Tee’s teas bring to the table. Since there are a plethora of options, everyone can find something to suit their taste. The atmosphere is another A+ in my book due to the spacious seating and soft music. This paired with quick service is a faultless recipe for your bubble tea experience.

Francesca Dodaro is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore majoring in English. Her column, "Sip it Up," typically runs on alternate Tuesdays.

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