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DODARO: Mi Tea offers full range of quality, delicious beverages

Column: Sip it Up

Mi Tea offers high-quality drinks that are worth the short drive off campus. – Photo by Mi Tea / Instagram

After trying Möge Tee for my last review, I decided to stick with bubble tea in the area and go to Mi Tea and see what they had to offer. Since it is in Edison, it is, once again, a 10-minute drive from the College Avenue campus, but that is a small price to pay for exceptional beverages.

Mi Tea originated in China and strived to create an extraordinary drink experience with every cup. I was originally drawn to this shop for this reason, in addition to its close proximity to College Avenue.

Along with their interesting background, Mi Tea’s store is extremely versatile for customers who want to study, hang out with friends or just grab a quick cup to go. With plenty of seating in a decently sized shop, it is ideal for studying, especially since the seats are comfortable. 

Hanging out with friends is another benefit because Mi Tea provides games like Jenga and Uno for entertainment, and the sweet smell of boba wafting through the air pulls the entire experience together.

Its menu is expansive, with categories like milk tea, fruit tea and cheese-covered drinks (which is what they are known for). I was super impressed as my eyes glossed over the menu, and I quickly decided on their Formosa black milk bubble tea, mango milk with brown sugar and bubbles, passion fruit lemon agar and cheese-covered watermelon slush with popping yogurt bubbles.

I craved the Formosa black milk bubble tea first since it is a classic in every tasting and review that I do. I can say with confidence that I was not disappointed in the slightest. The earthy notes in the black tea were sweetened to perfection.

The tea was complemented by the chewy and easy-to-consume boba. Since I prefer my black milk tea more bitter than sweet, I got the perfect cup the moment the liquid greeted my tastebuds.

The next craving I satisfied was my sweet tooth as I gulped down the mango milk with brown sugar and bubbles.

Usually, I am not a fan of mango-flavored items, but this tea really took mango to the next level. The sweet mango was not too strong, and the milk made it taste like mango ice cream with a caramel aftertaste, compliments of the brown sugar. If you like decadent drinks, you should definitely try this one out since it is truly flawless in every way.

Now, because I tasted earthy and sweet drinks, I thought I should move to something more refreshing and sour. The tea to fit this image was the passion fruit lemon agar.

I was surprised how closely this drink’s flavor resembled lemon candy with a tinge of passion fruit. This paired with the agar added a nice texture (without being as imposing as boba) was a lovely combination. My only critique is the seeds add extra work in consuming the beverage, but overall it is totally worth the minor inconvenience.

Saving my favorite for last, this would not be a proper review without mentioning the cheese-covered watermelon slush with popping yogurt bubbles.

If you order this drink, I recommend mixing the cheese foam into the watermelon slush because, on its own, it has a weird salty flavor. When you mix the cheese foam in, though, the drink is a sweet and salty delight with refreshing watermelon notes without being overly sweet.  

I decided to add the yogurt popping bubbles since the barista recommended it to me, and it was definitely the right decision. The bubbles added a snow-cone flavor which went well with the watermelon. I definitely think that Mi Tea delivers on their promise of unique cheese foam, and its addition only improves the drink, which is amazing.

While Mi Tea’s drinks speak for themselves, their prices are on the higher side between $5 to $8. If quality is not a major factor in your bubble tea choices then Mi Tea might not be for you, but if you want to splurge for splendid drinks then you found the right spot. Delivery is another benefit if you do not want to drive all the way to Edison. Since Mi Tea is close, I cannot imagine it taking long to get a taste of their delicious options.

In total, Mi Tea is the place if you love drink variety and want to try out some delicious cheese-foam-covered beverages. While the price is high, if you can manage, it is only a short drive from the College Avenue campus, and delivery is always available. Since the service is quick, you will not have to wait long for incredible quality, so give Mi Tea some love and check them out.

Francesca Dodaro is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore majoring in English. Her column, "Sip it Up," typically runs on alternate Wednesdays.

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