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Your next TV journey, as told by your zodiac sign

Whether or not you're an Aquarius, "Bojack Horseman," along with the other recommendations on this list, will be sure to keep you entertained. – Photo by Sakina Pervez

There’s no denying we’re in the golden age of TV. With some of the best programs on TV right now that have ever been on, it can be a little intimidating wading through your options to find something you’ll like.

There are classics available to stream at any time online and plenty of new shows — if you have the million subscription services to find them on, of course. If you're struggling to find your next watch, maybe your next silver screen adventure is written in the stars.

Whether you’re an Earth sign who loves crime dramas or a water sign obsessed with romance, or something more unexpected, here’s the next TV recommendation for each zodiac sign:

Aries  — "The End of the F***ing World"

Assertive and ambitious, there’s nothing better for an Aries than a show with a cuss word in the title — except maybe one that also involves murder and runaway teens.

"The End of the F***ing World" will appeal to Aries' risk-taking nature, and the fact that it's a love story (albeit an absolutely insane one, which Aries might just love more) also maintains this fire sign’s optimistic spirit. 

Taurus  — "Bob’s Burgers"

What better for you, Taurus, than a show about two things you love more than anything — family and food? Taureans are notoriously hardworking, so the loveably zany but still wholesome and determined Belcher family is the perfect hideaway for you from the stresses of life.

Your friendliness is shown in the optimistic nature of the show, and the fact that it’s a cartoon comedy might help you learn to not take things so seriously.

Gemini  — "American Vandal"

The clever and quick-witted Gemini will appreciate all the references and the wit of this comedy mockumentary. The mystery in both seasons of the show appeals to Gemini’s intellectual side, while its levity and satirical appeal will keep your penchant for humor satiated, too. Not to mention, Geminis are notoriously unpredictable — and "American Vandal" loves a bombshell.

Cancer — "The Haunting of Hill House"

Similar to the Taurus, Cancers value family and loved ones more than anything. But, "The Haunting of Hill House" is by no means a comedy — the depressing (yes, depressing) and masterfully crafted horror will make that much more pessimistic side of you come out.

Though, never fear — the love that the Crain family of the show has for one another will also appeal to your sensitive heart.  

Leo  — "The White Lotus"

Some people might think you’re vain, Leo, but you just know what you want — and so do many of the mega-wealthy characters of "The White Lotus." This weird, creative show will bring out your quirkier side, Leo, so it’s time to let your more silly side out, instead of just the fierce wildness you tend to have.

Your creative mind will appreciate the fact that the show goes in unexpected areas and leans into its concepts and styles.

Virgo — "The Good Place"

There’s no one you should feel more comfortable going to for moral guidance than the steady, reliable Virgo. Virgos are hardworking and kind, which will lead them to appreciate the show’s general thesis of constant self-improvement and care for others, but that angle will also help Virgos shirk their judgmental side.

And if you’re taking yourself too seriously again, Virgo, you can always embrace the silliness of this comedy.

Libra — "Ted Lasso"

Extroverted, sociable Libras will definitely see themselves in the titular Ted Lasso, both in his admirable kindness and his less admirable way of coming on a little too strong with friendliness sometimes.

Stereotype dictates the world is a stage or a fashion show for most Libras, so a sports show might seem like an odd pick, but the charming and warm world of "Ted Lasso" will appeal to a Libra’s romantic heart.

Scorpio — "Cruel Summer"

The dramatic and intense "Cruel Summer" is perfect for the dramatic, intense Scorpio. Scorpio, you’re smart and intuitive enough to figure out most of the mysteries in this soap-opera level drama.

Additionally, your love for aesthetics will shine in the interesting costuming and filming choices used to depict the many time periods in the show (just be sure not to let your moody temper flare up too high if you get frustrated by the jaw-dropper ending).

Sagittarius — "Firefly"

What’s a better show for someone who hates commitment than one that you only need to commit to a single season for? A space western (yes, space and western!) with a colorful cast of characters is perfect for the adventurous and charming nature of a Sagittarius. Not to mention, the quick-moving nature of the show is even better for someone as restless as you, Sag!

Your humorous side will appreciate the quick banter of the show, and the part of you that’s an explorer at heart will appreciate … everything else.

Capricorn — "Succession"

What’s more ambitious and cutthroat than a Capricorn? The answer is, of course, everyone in the Roy family. Capricorn’s cynical side will appreciate how every rich and spoiled investor or successor on the show is genuinely terrible, but the ambitious and goal-oriented side will root for them anyway — which is basically what makes the show worth watching.

The show’s darkest moments will give you a much-needed check-in with your sensitive side, and the laugh-out-loud moments will give you the same connection you need with some silliness, Cap.

Aquarius — "Bojack Horseman"

Weird enough to feature a cast of talking animals and humans? Check. Depressing enough to send even the most closed-off Aquarius into a heap of tears? Check. Niche enough to curb every Aquarian’s secret individuality complex? Check.

"Bojack Horseman" is hilarious and unique, just like you, Aquarius! It’s also a little too aware of how clever it is, and you might also relate to some of the characters who can be a tad bit closed off or moody — but still, you think the idea of a talking horse is pretty cool, right?

Pisces — "Doctor Who"

For me and many others, a show that’s been a nerd touchstone for so many years is the perfect callback to childhood that you need to ground you and appeal to your sensitivity, Pisces. Not to mention that basically anything sci-fi or fantasy appeals to your dreamer nature.

Watch this, and being transported through time and space with an alien companion will definitely be added to your daydream roster — and the "anything is possible" mindset will let you continue to ignore your responsibilities for fantasies.

Any of these options are a great idea for your next binge, from the hilarious highs of "Ted Lasso" to the depressing lows of "The Haunting of Hill House." No matter your mood or your taste, there’s bound to be a show you’d love on this list — even if it takes checking your moon sign to find it. 

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