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Super Bowl traditions: From favorite foods to picking teams

 – Photo by Photo by Twitter | The Daily Targum

There are few things more American than the Super Bowl. I mean, it’s right up there next to apple pie and bald eagles. 

Assuming that’s true means that most of us tune in to watch the game whether we are football fans. It feels like most of us either end up at a party or are bombarded with all the highlights and drama from the game for the next 24 hours. 

While I personally have zero to no interest in football, every year I find myself doing something on Super Bowl Sunday, whether it’s working during the rush of the Super Bowl, making a dip with my mom for a party or having my dad explain to me what a “down” is for the 20th time. 

But regardless, the Super Bowl is a tradition, and like most traditions, we all have some sort of association with them. 

So, what types of Super Bowl traditions do those who aren't avid sports fans have? 

Aimlessly choosing a favorite team 

From my overseas family to foreign exchange students I’ve met, watching the Super Bowl while visiting the United States is part of the American experience. But what I’ve realized is that I often pick which team I’m rooting for in the same fashion as people who aren't even from America. 

This looks like picking a team based off of which city they represent, their team colors and even who is the cutest player. At this point, it’s pretty much Super Bowl tradition to have no idea what is going on. 


Food is the way to the heart, am I right? If there’s one bribe that works on almost everyone, it’s food. That holds true for the Super Bowl as well. While not everyone needs an incentive to go to a Super Bowl party, I can guarantee parties would have a less attendance if there wasn't the promise of all the good appetizers we can expect. 

For people who don’t watch sports, 3-hour games can seem agonizing. But party food typically makes everything better. Almost every year for the Super Bowl, I get in the kitchen with my mom where we either try new dip recipes or stick to the trident and true zesty guacamole with a little spice. Free guacamole, hot wings and booze — count me in. 

Halftime Show 

I have to admit that this one was much more fun when I was a kid and under the guise that the halftime shows were phenomenal. They are a spectacle for sure, but phenomenal doesn't always describe the performances. 

Nonetheless, I’ve watched every halftime show since I could remember. 

In fact, I watch the halftime shows much more closely than the actual game itself. From the costumes, elaborate stage designs and dance routines orchestrated to perfection, the halftime show is a performance hundreds of millions tune in to see just to see how it will go down. 


I think I’ve turned the Super Bowl into a time where I can stuff myself full with guacamole while awaiting to see what parts of the night have been turned into memes or threads on Twitter. 

One year it was Beyoncé, another year it was Lady Gaga and this year it’s Shakira. Also, remember when Kylie Jenner announced she was pregnant on Super Bowl Sunday and basically stole the Super Bowl’s spotlight? 

In all, the Super Bowl — regardless of your feelings toward the sport — is a cultural moment for America. No matter the outcome of Super Bowl Sunday, we all are affected by the game one way or another. 

Whether you try your hardest to avoid the game and binge RuPaul’s Drag Race instead (which I’ve done) or celebrate very traditionally with your friends and family, this tried and true, very American day is one packed with tradition. 

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