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Five students you see in the gym at the beginning of the year

 – Photo by Yosef Serkez

1.The Optimistic Freshman

Everyone remembers the first few days of freshman year when more experienced upperclassmen warned first-years about the infamous freshman 15. But these freshmen were convinced that they were invincible — believing they had the self-control to stay healthy and fit. 

But then, of course, the newly inducted Scarlet Knights walked into the Livingston Dining Hall, surrounded by cupcakes, donuts, fajitas, pasta and pizza daily — and their self-control went down the drain. 

These are the first-years you’ll see at the gym still trying to hold true to their promises, naive about the reality and inevitability of the freshman 15. 

They can be identified by their enthusiastic "athleisure" and hopeful auras.

2. The Remorseful Sophomores

This description holds true for basically any upperclassmen, but especially the sophomores. Recovering from the freshman 15, these sophomores are eager to prevent last year’s regrets. They promise themselves that won’t happen again. 

Although they’re more adjusted than the newcomers, this mindset still doesn’t last long. Once those 8:40 a.m. classes begin and drain their energy, “going to the gym” becomes a phrase of the past.

3. The Resolutioners

With the new school year comes the swarm of cliche resolutions, one of the most popular being the resolution of becoming fit and starting a new lifestyle — as if one change in a date will suddenly bring forth the motivation in all of us. 

September is everyone's second chance at January's resolutions. These gym members will only consistently attend for a couple weeks before that fitness motivation is taken over by sleeping in.

4. The Summer Sorrows

There are some people who prep their bodies all year long for that dream summer beach body, but there some whose best friends over the summer were a bag of chips and a couch. Summer is a time for relaxation, and it’s only when the school year rolls around that you realize how much you regret your summer diet or lack thereof.

5. The Committed

You’ve only heard of these people from friends of friends. You don’t really know if these people are even real — the ones that go to to the gym multiple times a week, staying committed all year long.

These are the people that actually work hard and stay through the early months, watching the gym population dwindle away. They’re a rare species. We’re all jealous of their motivation, but the rest of us get to sleep in, so who’s the real winner here?

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