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Dan Corey


​Rutgers ‘Politicizing Beyoncé’ course moves to Department of American Studies

Only six years into its existence, the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies decided they were not “crazy in love” with the idea of offering students the “Politicizing Beyoncé” course in the near future. After not being included on the department’s course schedule for two semesters, the highly popular black feminism class that addresses topics like power dynamics and sexuality will be offered in Fall 2016 by the Department of American Studies. “Politicizing Beyoncé” was created in 2010 as a special topics class for the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, said Kevin Allred, a professor in the Department of American Studies and the course's creator. “They’ve given me no reason for why it’s wasn’t renewed for the spring or summer, so after hearing back that the schedule was finalized and ... that it wasn’t being offered, I went to the American Studies department,” he said. Allred pitched “Politicizing Beyoncé” to the Department of American Studies because he is an adjunct professor, and he will not get paid for teaching any courses for two semesters in a row if no department offers the course to students, he said. It is not unusual for courses to be offered in one department and then be offered in another, said University spokesman Greg Trevor on behalf of the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies. “This course has not disappeared from the spring schedule,” Trevor said in an email.Jan 21 2016