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COMMENTARY: Diversity promotes strength, open-mindedness

COMMENTARY: To honor Justice Ginsburg, vote

COMMENTARY: Racial justice includes retaining your employees

COMMENTARY: US democracy will change amid pandemic

COMMENTARY: Self-quarantine is solidarity

COMMENTARY: Compassionate use of stem cell therapy to treat severe COVID-19 could save lives now

COMMENTARY: People must stop appropriating blood stained plantations

COMMENTARY: Patriot Act infringes on American values

COMMENTARY: Students need to pressure climate task force to achieve high aims

COMMENTARY: Rutgers’ climate task force has work to do

COMMENTARY: Students are obligated to support environmental justice

COMMENTARY: Kobe Bryant’s career transformed sports

COMMENTARY: While service is beneficial, making it mandatory is not

COMMENTARY: Prof. Strub’s analysis of socialism in NJ is mostly baseless, flawed in copious ways

COMMENTARY: JUST Egg insufficient at providing nutrients

COMMENTARY: Hard work most important aspect of success

COMMENTARY: Representation of 'brown' characters in media often racist, discriminatory

COMMENTARY: Rutgers Business stifles individuality

COMMENTARY: Tree of Life massacre teaches many lessons

COMMENTARY: New Jersey bill would silence dissent, prevent criticism of Israeli policies

COMMENTARY: Hinduphobia fueled by misinformation, persists on college campuses

COMMENTARY: Philanthropy, bonds formed in greek life help campuses

COMMENTARY: Israel continues to embrace colonial roots through violence

COMMENTARY: Israel’s colonialism connected to climate

COMMENTARY: Fight for climate justice is our fight for our future

COMMENTARY: U. has no justification for tuition increase

COMMENTARY: Safe rideshare tips start with checking your ride

COMMENTARY: Int’l students face unjust pressures to assimilate

COMMENTARY: Right to return of Palestinians must be preserved, upheld

COMMENTARY: We must not conflate stigma of formerly incarcerated to fraternity membership

COMMENTARY: Threat of bioterrorism requires stock cultures

COMMENTARY: Identity politics are pervasive once more in Dem. primary

COMMENTARY: Distortion of AIPAC must be addressed

COMMENTARY: Time at U. has taught me fashion lessons

COMMENTARY: Make your impact on Rutgers Giving Day

COMMENTARY: Attacks on Omar must not silence debate

COMMENTARY: ISIS decline causes debate of citizenship

COMMENTARY: Solution to poverty is in individual acts

COMMENTARY: High ranks of U. refuse to fix diversity

COMMENTARY: Media lacks coverage of conflict in Africa

COMMENTARY: Normalize substantive conversations

COMMENTARY: Border wall may be immoral but it is definitely unnecessary

COMMENTARY: Border wall is not inherently immoral

COMMENTARY: We must confront Anti-semitism directly

COMMENTARY: U. should adopt ‘Chicago Statement’

COMMENTARY: Lack of contract agreement is shameful

COMMENTARY: Unnatural gas is expanding under our noses

COMMENTARY: RUPD must stop collaboration with ICE

COMMENTARY: Without proper gun control, fear will continue to engulf Americans

COMMENTARY: People must take action soon to protect, conserve planet