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DWASARI: Biden's tax plan is what we need, contrary to what 50 Cent thinks

MILITARU: Should procreation be constitutionally protected?

KUMAR: British government must reverse meal voucher decision

SAJU: Nov. 3 only marks beginning of election

BERNSTEIN: Sensationalist science harmful in age of coronavirus, climate change

PILLAI: Have presidential debates always been this toxic?

BALLARO: Johnson & Johnson, built on Black lives

BEZAWADA: 'Among Us' encapsulates angst of 2020

ESPOSITO: Good grades are not enough anymore

DELFINO: Mamoun's Falafel — cheap, delicious variety

KAO: Meritocracy kind of hurts rich folks too

IMRAN: Marijuana legalization should be handled responsibly

SHIEKH: Balancing individualism, collectivism

WRIGHT: My Black vote does not belong to you

KOZMA: Redistricting amendment distracts from system's true flaws

RIZVI: ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ explores important sociopolitical issues

MILITARU: In defense of alternative sentencing

KUMAR: No-deal Brexit would wreak havoc on British

SAJU: She-cession, America's first female recession

BERNSTEIN: Beware of 'inspiring' presidents

BALLARO: We left behind more than we thought

PILLAI: Comedy, entertainment can help us through these tough times

DELFINO: Seed Burger, classic burger joint without typical burger ingredients

KAO: Meritocracy is riddled with objectionable flaws

IMRAN: Why are masks, of all things, partisan?

WRIGHT: Media is not as sensitive to Black lives as you think

KOZMA: After Republican antics, all bets are off

FEHON: Divestment crucial in Rutgers' fight against climate change

MILITARU: As malls decline, new social spaces should take their place

SAJU: Voter suppression, fraud, mail-in ballots

BERNSTEIN: We need to adapt quickly, or face despair

BALLARO: Scooter deal sold out New Brunswick, again

ESPOSITO: There are reasons to stay optimistic in 2020

PILLAI: America has not asked right questions about 9/11

BEZAWADA: Cyber security is about public safety too

DELFINO: Hansel ‘n Griddle, modern day diner of College Avenue campus

KAO: Voting's power only operates collectively

IMRAN: 'Mulan' filming, blatant ignorance of human rights abuse

EDITORIAL: When Rutgers football returns, so will coronavirus

WRIGHT: Check your white ally complex

FEHON: Students' role in Rutgers climate action

RIZVI: Signs that your friend is toxic

EDITORIAL: As coronavirus vaccine impends, so does misinformation

KUMAR: 'Eat Out to Help Out' policy failed United Kingdom

MILITARU: Are you comfortable with discomfort? You should be

SAJU: Voting history, fight for our democracy

EDITORIAL: Climate change crisis response must centralize

BERNSTEIN: Fear coronavirus, myocarditis relationship

BALLARO: Keep New Brunswick in Rutgers, New Brunswick

PILLAI: America’s first female president will be woman of color