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Attention Daily Targum Alumni: Please fill out our form to ensure we have your latest contact information.

The Targum Publishing Company's Board of Trustees has created five committees to help guide the future of the newspaper. The Board is seeking alumni interested in serving on these committees, which will also include members of The Daily Targum staff and Board of Trustees. It is anticipated that these meetings could be conducted via telephone or other technology, which would give out-of-state alumni an opportunity to participate. The committees are:

Alumni Committee

This committee is responsible for fostering and more fully realizing the mission of the Targum Publishing Company by engaging with alumni and friends of the newspaper to enhance the paper’s value as a news source and as an educational opportunity for students.

Finance Committee

This committee is responsible for developing, monitoring,evaluating, and modifying the annual operating budget pending approval of the Targum Board of Trustees.

Grant Committee

This committee is responsible for writing, applying, monitoring, evaluating, and submitting grant applications with approval from the Board.

Recruitment Committee

This committee is responsible for recruiting members to the Board of Trustees and assisting in recruitment efforts for each Editorial Board to enhance the Targum Publishing Company’s capacity for advancement as an organization dedicated to the professional development of its members.  

Referendum Committee

This committee is responsible for facilitating and evaluating the Targum Publishing Company’s policy, guidelines, management, processes and procedures to ensure that the company upholds Rutgers University Policy 10.3.3 and conducts a valid referendum of the highest quality possible.

In addition, the Board has four alumni members and is always seeking interested alumni to fill these roles. Terms are one-year beginning in the spring of each year. If you are interested in serving on the Board or on any of the subcommittees, please email