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Scarlet insights: What your major reveals about you

Your college major can say a lot about you — follow this guide to figure out which one is best suited to your personality. – Photo by Pixabay / Pexels

There’s one question most college students dread more than any other — what’s your major? While it can be annoying to answer this same question hundreds of times, its answer truly reveals a ton about you. 

Here’s a list of some of the most popular majors offered at Rutgers and what they suggest about your personality!


If you’re in the School of Engineering, you’re most likely analytical, observant and good at working with your hands. 

You probably spent a lot of time building cities out of Legos as a kid and are definitely the first person your friends call when they need help setting up a new piece of furniture … if you aren’t drowning in your endless course load. 


If you study biological sciences or similar STEM majors, like cell biology or neuroscience, you have an undying love for nature and wildlife. 

Maybe you’re on the pre-med track or are hoping for a career in research, but you’re a reliable friend who loves to have fun when you aren’t busy studying for exams. Your friends can count on you to recall seemingly random facts at the drop of a hat, making you an irreplaceable member on any trivia team.

Environmental Science

As the name would suggest, environmental science majors have a deep love and interest for nature. They like to stay up to date on environmental issues — they’re the friend in the group that is constantly urging you to stop using plastic straws. 

You also like to spend as much time outside as possible, probably hiking. You might be vegetarian or vegan, or at least know of a few local farms to get your food from. 


For English majors, there’s one quality that’s universal — you’re a bookworm. Whether it's due to passions like reading or writing, you are detail oriented, quick-witted and good at making conversation.

Your classes require constant writing, so you’re probably the first person your friends ask for help writing an email or editing an essay. You’ve learned to share your opinions on a bunch of different topics during class discussions, and you’re definitely the first person to say that the book is better than the movie.


If you’re a business major, or are studying something business-adjacent like supply chain management or leadership and management, you’re great at talking to new people and learning new skills on the fly. 

You’re a natural leader who knows how to organize and bring people together, whether it be for a group project or a get-together with friends. Making connections with new people is second nature to you, as you’ve spent a ton of time learning how to network effectively.

If a friend needs help setting up a LinkedIn account, you’re the first person they call.


It would be hard to be a psychology major if you didn’t love learning about other people. You stay updated on current events and celebrity news, as well as the social lives of the people around you. 

Your friends go to you for advice when it comes to dealing with tough social situations, because you’re a great and effective listener. 


Music majors are creative, hardworking perfectionists. 

Dedicating each day to studying music is no easy feat, but you’re deeply passionate about what you do. You probably play multiple instruments, even if you specialize in just one, and are likely a part of a band or choir. You know how to make connections with other musicians and are an interesting friend to have. 

Chances are, you also have the best Spotify playlist out of your friend group.


Studying to be a nurse is definitely not easy, but if you decide to take on this major, you care deeply about helping people. You’re good at both working with others and staying organized as you balance classes with clinical rotations. Your friends likely see you as someone who is always there for them and who they can go to for help in any situation.

Choosing your college major can be a daunting process. Ask your friends what qualities they see in you — your personality might already be pointing you down a career path.

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