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RUSA divestment vote: New Brunswick campus majority votes 'Yes'

A majority of the Rutgers—New Brunswick student population voted "Yes" to divest from companies that gain from or are involved in the government of Israel's human rights violations. – Photo by The Daily Targum

On Tuesday, the Rutgers University Student Assembly announced that a majority of the Rutgers—New Brunswick student body voted in favor of both divestment referendums, according to an Instagram post by the Assembly.

The first referendum question asked whether the University ought to remove companies that aid in or benefit from the Israeli government's human rights violation activities that have occured since Oct. 7, 2023, from its investment portfolio. The results were 6,538 "Yes" votes and 1,592 "No" votes, the post read.

The second referendum question focused on whether the University should cease relations with Tel Aviv University, a collaboration partner in the New Jersey Innovation and Technology Hub, which received 6,298 "Yes" votes and 1,796 "No" votes, according to the statement.

The Assembly also noted that the decision was verified and finalized by its Judicial Council, after a due process of appeals, in accordance with the Assembly's Governing Documents.

"We applaud the students of Rutgers University—New Brunswick for using their voices to vote, as shown by a large turnout for the Spring 2024 election," the Assembly's announcement read.

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