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RUPA on roll with Hot Dog Day

The College Avenue campus was once again graced by the beloved Rutgers University Programming Association (RUPA) event, Hot Dog Day. – Photo by Shelby Lawson

On Wednesday, the Rutgers University Programming Association (RUPA) hosted its 21st annual Hot Dog Day. The festivities occurred on the College Avenue campus from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and included a series of fun activities and, the best part, free hot dogs!

Attendees had the choice of classic, halal, vegan and chicken hot dogs in addition to turkey corn dogs, mac and cheese and Italian ice. A variety of toppings, such as ketchup, mustard, relish, sauerkraut and more, were also available.

Ronald Mohammad, a School of Arts and Sciences junior, tried a few different food options but had no difficulty deciding on his favorite treat of the day.

"It was a glizzy, aka hot dog," Mohammad said, which he topped with mustard and ketchup.

For any students not interested in the food, the event featured several exciting activities. Despite the rain and overcast skies, RUPA pulled out all the stops for the beach-themed event, creating a vibrant atmosphere with a dunk tank, a mechanical shark and basketball hoops. There was even a DJ to keep the energy running high. 

Brielle Travis, a School of Arts and Sciences senior, shared her thoughts on Hot Dog Day.

"I don't know any other schools that do this," Travis said. "A lot of people came out today — it was a really cool experience."

Due to the less-than-ideal weather, there were certainly shorter lines at Hot Dog Day this year compared to years past. Those who braved the rain, though, were in and out of the hot dog lines much quicker than usual. 

Mohammad enjoyed the luxury of having less of a crowd.

"I went last year, and I had to wait an hour," Mohammad explained. "(This year,) it was like I had to wait five minutes, so it was great."

A lot of planning goes into making an event like Hot Dog Day come to life. RUPA prepared for the event for months, something that the student body surely appreciated as finals and coursework ramp up. 

Dylan Curnow, a Rutgers Business School junior, helped coordinate the event with RUPA and shared all the work that went on behind the scenes. 

"We have a lot of different committees in RUPA that help work together," Curnow said. "We have help from the student centers, which is really important."

Several different sponsors had tents set up at Hot Dog Day, with games and chances to win prizes. 

"Having sponsors like Postmates and Wawa here is awesome," Curnow said.

If you didn't get the chance to stop by Hot Dog Day this year, make sure to check out the fun activities and complimentary food next year. 

If you're in search of other on-campus escapades, RUPA is about to hold one of its biggest events of the year: "Beats on the Banks," which will be held at the College Avenue Gym this Friday and will be headlined by d4vd.

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