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Breaking fast: Best Iftar spots in New Brunswick

Tribos Peri Peri Chicken in New Brunswick is a top choice for any Rutgers student looking for an Iftar meal. – Photo by Lim Bances / Facebook

With Ramadan well underway, Muslim students across campus have taken the opportunity to reflect and practice self-discipline. Part of this involves fasting from dawn until sunset, but after a long day, many are left wondering where they can find great, filling food.

Thankfully, New Brunswick is brimming with stellar halal restaurants that serve a variety of dishes to satiate anyone's hunger. Here are just some of the best Iftar options across the city.

The Halal Guys

If you're hungry for some solid platters or wraps to munch on, The Halal Guys have you covered!

The restaurant offers a unique experience, combining its menu of Mediterranean food with the customizability of restaurants like Chipotle or Subway.

Located on Easton Avenue near the College Avenue campus, this restaurant can be ideal for breaking your fast since it provides you with a well-rounded meal: beef, chicken or falafel seasoned to perfection, paired with some rice with white sauce drizzled on top.

Tribos Peri Peri Chicken

This restaurant serves chicken and rice bowls, but its extensive menu, which features an incredible selection of spices, truly makes it stand out from the rest.

The restaurant's titular Peri Peri spice is a delight — it can be applied to all sorts of food, even their fries. They also have five delicious signature sauces, most notably their tangy Lemon and Herb and Extra Hot Sauce.


Their menu might be small, but don't let that fool you — Smashville has mastered its product. Their burgers are remarkably tasty and fulfilling, providing an immensely satisfying meal. Not to mention, they're also affordable.

Spice fanatics should seek out their "Chicken Sammy," which boasts an immense amount of flavor. But be careful — the heat is no joke.


Located on George Street, Jinsoy is one of the nicest places to sit down and dine in New Brunswick. It's the perfect place for Iftar if you're joined by friends or family.

Jinsoy serves a fusion of Asian cuisines together while still being halal. If you're looking to diversify your palate, this is the spot. The dynamite chicken, one of their signature appetizers, is particularly flavorful and makes for an excellent, end-of-day snack.

Mamoun's Falafel

Mamoun's Falafel might seem simple at first, but wrapped within a pita pocket is some of New Brunswick's premier food. In addition to the restaurant's nourishing sandwiches, plates and signature dishes are their seasoned fries, cooked to a heavenly crisp.

But, if you're looking to eat healthy this Ramadan, the restaurant has its share of nutritious options that don't skimp out on taste. In addition to being halal, the restaurant offers vegetarian and vegan options.

Anyone who's developed a curiosity when walking past this restaurant on Easton Avenue owes it to themselves to give it a try.

Giovanneli's Pizza & Grill

Giovanneli's specializes in comfort food like pizza, wings and stromboli — it's perfect for any college student looking for a quick, but delicious meal.

Most importantly, though, is that they're open until 3 a.m., ideal for anyone looking for that late-night binge-eating session.

Ramadan is a time for spiritual and personal growth — in addition to growing a closer relationship with your religion, take the opportunity to practice different culinary trends and foster connections within your community.

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