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New U. collaborative project makes manure more accessible for farmers

NJ ManureLink, developed in part by the Rutgers Office of Research Analytics, aims to create an efficient distribution system between farmers and manure suppliers. – Photo by Ikiwaner /

The New Jersey Department of Agriculture has partnered with the Rutgers Office of Research Analytics to connect livestock farmers with other farmers searching for manure to utilize as compost and fertilizer, according to a press release.

The NJ ManureLink project aims to make organic materials more accessible, provide environmental protection and reduce unnecessary waste.

The project's website facilitates better distribution of natural fertilizer by allowing farmers to determine the availability of manure. It also allows for quicker distribution through notifications that alert them when manure becomes available. 

Additionally, ManureLink lists the location of available manure resources, which also allows for an efficient distribution process for small-scale farmers, according to the press release.

The New Jersey Composting Council, an organization that collaborated on the project, will host webinars and interactive composting field days for composters and small-scale farmers.

"This valuable online resource for farmers and composters is a result of work by our own staff as well as the diligent efforts of our partners at Rutgers and other organizations," Joe Atchison III, the state's assistant secretary of agriculture, said in the press release.

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