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Going global at U. Commuter Cultural Fest

The Rutgers Commuters Student Association (RCSA) recently hosted the Commuter Cultural Fest in the Busch Student Center. – Photo by Samantha Cheng

At Rutgers, where much of student life is centered around studying for exams, navigating dining hall food and trying to survive residence halls, it's easy for commuters to feel left out. 

It seems minor, but living away from campus can make it feel impossible for commuters to feel connected to the University in the same way as on-campus residents. That doesn't even account for the long commutes that can be incredibly draining.

The Rutgers Commuters Student Association (RCSA) addresses these concerns by providing a variety of opportunities for students to socialize, meet new people and engage with all that Rutgers has to offer. 

The most recent of these, the Commuter Cultural Fest, hosted in the Busch Student Center on Tuesday, aims to do just that. The event brought commuters together to celebrate diversity through music, snacks and art. 

"Commuters don't really have a voice because college life is typically in the dorm or on campus," said Akanksha Singh, a School of Arts and Sciences and School of Environmental and Biological Sciences junior. "So, being part of RCSA lets us have a better community at Rutgers." 

Singh is also a member of the RCSA E-board.

The multi-purpose room inside the Busch Student Center boasted a wide array of snacks and drinks from all around the world, featuring treats such as soda from Japan and sweets from Mexico, Korea and Sweden.

Attendees also made their own bookmarks, bracelets and scratch art with supplies provided at each table. Guests were also able to get creative with canvases and paint markers. A henna station and diverse playlist further immersed students in a cultural melting pot.  

If you missed this event, don't worry! Another popular event from the club is the monthly SunnySide Start Up, a free brunch where students can mingle with one another and network with different department heads and administrators.

Looking ahead this semester, students can look forward to events such as the Spring Carnival, featuring outdoor games, prizes and food. If you're in need of something to do on a weekend off, you can also attend "Take a Hike," at the Rutgers University Ecological Preserve on Livingston campus in April.

In addition to these events, the designated commuter lounges on the Busch and Douglass campuses serve as a home away from home for students traveling the distance, where they can relax and mingle with other students between classes.

Events like the Commuter Cultural Fest are a great way for students to have fun and make the most of their time on campus while also learning more about the diversity displayed at Rutgers.

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