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Best campus spots to snap fall-themed photos at Rutgers

The Ravine Bridge, also known as the Kissing Bridge, on Douglass campus is a perfect place to click autumn-themed pictures. – Photo by null

Now that it’s November, the leaves are really starting to change colors, making it the perfect time to have a fall photoshoot.

Don’t want to stray too far from campus to snap the perfect fall pictures? No need to worry!

Here’s a list of some picturesque places at Rutgers you can visit to have a fall-themed photoshoot with your friends.

Voorhees Mall

If you want an academia-themed fall photo shoot, look no further than Voorhees Mall on the College Avenue campus. With rows and rows of trees and brick buildings like Murray Hall and New Jersey Hall, you’ll have no problem getting pictures that encapsulate both an autumnal and academic aesthetic. You can even run across the street and grab a hot drink from the Yardbucks to really make the atmosphere feel complete.

Zimmerli Art Museum

Technically located just around the corner from Voorhees Mall, the Zimmerli Art Museum on the College Avenue campus could be your next photoshoot destination. There are a decent amount of trees in the area just outside the museum, so you don’t have to worry about losing any of those beautiful fall colors.

You can take photos at the outdoor tables and on the steps of the museum entrance. To really up the ante on the academic-fall vibes, you could also take pictures inside the museum in cute autumn outfits.

Old Queens

The last stop on the College Avenue campus is the area of Old Queens. Besides being home to the iconic and historic Rutgers building, this area is also home to the Rutgers Geology Museum and the Kirkpatrick Chapel, all of which are beautiful and scenic buildings to take photos in front of. There’s also a nice grassy area near these buildings to keep the outdoor vibes of your photoshoot alive, even if you choose to use the buildings as your main backdrop.

Passion Puddle

If you’re looking for a more natural setting for your photo shoot, there’s no more scenic place to go than Passion Puddle on the Douglass Campus. Surrounded by trees, there will be no shortage of fall color here to include in your pictures. Set up a picnic blanket for some candid shots or stage group photos on the benches surrounding the pond.

If you’re looking for a more romantic-themed photoshoot, Passion Puddle is the perfect place. An old Rutgers legend says that if two people walk around the puddle together while holding hands, they’re destined to get married. Whether this is true or not, it’s still a fun story and can provide some romantic inspiration for your autumnal pictures.

The Kissing Bridge

Last but certainly not least is the Ravine Bridge, lovingly known as the Kissing Bridge, on Douglass campus. The bridge certainly provides a beautiful backdrop for any fall photos you want to take.

As its official name would suggest, the bridge runs over a ravine area and is also surrounded by trees. The green handrails and the leaves from all the trees will add incredible colors to your photos. This is a pretty iconic spot at Rutgers, so it’s worth making the trip to Douglass to check it out and take some pictures before all the leaves fall off the trees.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you plan out the perfect November photoshoot. Happy fall, and happy photographing!

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