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Which Rutgers bus route are you based on your zodiac sign?

As a student, you likely take a bunch of different Rutgers buses, but which route are you? – Photo by Rutgers bus enthusiast / Wikimedia

The Rutgers bus system can take a while to get used to, whether you're a first-year student learning all the routes or an upperclassman who has a class on a campus you've never had to navigate. But just like each of us, the Rutgers bus routes have their own special quirks.

To help you get up to speed with the bus routes and which one you might relate to, here's a list of the Rutgers bus routes and which zodiac sign they each align with.

A: Aquarius

Aquarius is an intellectual and extremely creative sign, perfect for the A bus (the A, of course, stands for Aquarius). The A bus goes between the College Avenue and Busch campuses but stops at the academic buildings on Busch first, so you Aquarians can make sure you're getting to your classes on time.

The College Avenue and Busch campuses also both allow you to study a range of subjects from foreign languages to microbiology, so the ever-curious Aquarius will never be bored. Just like an Aquarius, the A route balances logic and exploration through the campuses it travels between.

B: Capricorn

Capricorns are ambitious and adventurous, and their patience won't be tried by this route, as it's one of the shortest on campus, going between Busch and Livingston campuses.

Busch and Livingston are also great campuses for anyone studying business or working toward a career in science or medicine, career paths that are considered great options for Capricorns. The B bus route matches Capricorn's can-do nature and also allows them to travel to classes that are ideal for typical Capricorn traits.

B/He: Libra

Libras are famously all about balance but are also incredibly logical and observant. The B/He is similar to the B route but also stops at the Busch-Livingston Health Center.

Libras take joy in companionship and keeping others happy, so this extra stop at a place meant to make people feel better is fitting for this sign. And just like Capricorns, this route between Busch and Livingston is a great match for Libra's focused, adaptable nature. 

C: Virgo

Virgos are organized, practical and detail-oriented. The C bus route is the Busch campus commuter loop, unique in that it only travels around one campus.

Virgos' highly organized tendencies can lead to some anxiety, but with the C bus' simplistic nature, a Virgo won't have to worry about traffic or delays when taking this bus. The C also represents Virgos' ability to be grounded and practical, as this bus serves a specific and necessary purpose.

EE: Taurus

As a Taurus myself, I can attest that we're focused, loyal and, of course, stubborn. As earth signs, Tauruses are often associated with the natural world, and there's no bus route that allows you to see more of that than the EE which goes from the College Avenue campus to every stop on the Cook and Douglass campuses

Tauruses also typically love being at home, and the EE also stops in Downtown New Brunswick where many people live, making this the ideal bus route for a Taurus that just wants to get back to their apartment after a long day.

F: Pisces

Pisces are compassionate, creative individuals whose heads are often in the clouds. The F bus route also goes in between the College Avenue campus and the Cook and Douglass campuses but makes fewer stops.

This means that the ever-dreaming Pisces can hop on an F bus to quickly get away from the hustle and bustle of the College Avenue campus and head over to Passion Puddle for a scenic backdrop to think or create some art. 

H: Aries

Aries individuals are ambitious, bold and confident. The H bus goes between the College Avenue and Busch campuses just like the A but stops at the recreational and residence halls on Busch first. This allows the Aries to recharge between their classes but still travel between high-energy areas like The Yard @ College Avenue and the Werblin Recreation Center on Busch.

And just like with the A bus, the classes offered on the College Avenue and Busch campuses are a great match for Aries' determined and high-energy nature, as there's no shortage of subjects offered on these campuses.

LX: Leo

Leos are theatrical, energetic and passionate. The LX travels between the College Avenue and Livingston campuses, the highest-energy campuses at Rutgers. The LX is always bustling with people, as are the campuses it travels to, so Leos will be right at home on this bus.

And between the endless subjects offered on the College Avenue campus and the Rutgers Business School on Livingston campus, Leos are sure to find classes on these campuses that fit their natural abilities as leaders and communicators.

REXB: Cancer

Cancers are intuitive, gentle and caring. The REXB travels between Busch, Cook and Douglass campuses — quieter campuses that have plenty of places to study and relax.

This bus travels a longer distance than some others, giving Cancers lots of time to stare out the bus window and pretend they're in a movie. The REXB is the perfect bus for a Cancer to hop on if it's an extra emotional day.

REXL: Gemini

Geminis are adaptable, curious and energetic. The REXL bus travels between Livingston, Cook and Douglass campuses, a somewhat two-faced route that balances the energetic vibe of Livingston campus with the quiet nature of the Cook and Douglass campuses.

Just like a Gemini, this bus route is complex and multifaceted, and a Gemini traveling on the REXL will never get bored, as switching between these campuses will allow for whatever kind of experience they feel like having that day.

Weekend 1: Scorpio

Scorpios are passionate, intuitive and intelligent. The weekend buses go around the entire school, making them well-rounded and complex just like a Scorpio.

Scorpios also love to connect and develop deep relationships with others, and there's no better bus route to do that than the weekend bus since it visits each campus and allows Scorpios to meet all kinds of new people.

Weekend 2: Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a unique, curious and passionate sign. They also get a weekend bus route due to their energy, adaptability and adventurous spirit.

Whether they're heading to a party or picking up food for a night at home, a Sagittarius can get wherever they need to go with the help of a weekend bus. This bus route will also help them satiate their curiosity by connecting them to each campus to discover and explore new places.

I hope this article helps you get a better sense of the Rutgers bus routes, or at least gives you a fun way of remembering them! And hey, if you don't totally agree with your sign's bus route, maybe just give that bus a try if you're feeling adventurous one day. You might just discover a new favorite place on campus!

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