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Watch these cozy fall films to fight this brutal September heat

Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock play witch sisters in this spooky 90s classic. – Photo by Practical Magic / Facebook

Between 95-degree days and last weekend's hailstorm, romanticizing life at Rutgers has been a bit of a challenge this semester. Unfortunately, no amount of "Gilmore Girls" can save you from showing up to your 12:10 p.m. class late (thanks, Passio GO!) and drenched in sweat.

In the meantime, here's a list of fall movies that emulate the comfort of hot Starbucks lattes, sweatpants-encouraged 8:30 a.m. classes and the foliage of Voorhees Mall on the College Avenue campus to hold you over.

"When Harry Met Sally"

Timelessly witty, inherently romantic and aesthetically autumnal, this 1989 classic is my absolute favorite "will-they-or-won’t-they."

Our love interests, recent graduates of the University of Chicago and strangers Harry Burns (Billy Crystal) and Sally Albright (Meg Ryan), unenthusiastically share a car ride to New York City to begin their separate post-graduate lives.

As Harry and Sally try and fail to make love work, they continually cross paths — eventually becoming best friends. Yet they're confronted with a common problem: "Can a man and a woman be friends without sex getting in the way?" While the film's themes are somewhat outdated at times, the movie's a timeless classic.

"Unforgettable" in every way, this film will leave those unlucky in love realizing "It Had to Be You." You can watch this rom-com on Max.

"Fantastic Mr. Fox"

Bursting with hues of apricot and dandelion, visionary filmmaker Wes Anderson whimsically brings Roald Dahl's classic story to life via stop-motion animation.

The film revolves around Mr. Fox (George Clooney), a fox with a knack for journalism and stealing chickens from nearby farms. While Mr. Fox promises never to steal again after Mrs. Fox (Meryl Streep) discovers she's pregnant, he can't fight his urge and old habits renew themselves.

Despite his charm, Mr. Fox's arrogance and carelessness eventually endanger his family, his marriage and his community.

"Fantastic Mr. Fox" has remained a seasonal fan favorite for over a decade and is available on Max.

"Knives Out"

Meticulously magical and mysterious, this modern-day Agatha Christie-esque whodunnit never has a dull moment.

When Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer), an acclaimed crime novelist, is discovered dead at his magnificent estate just after his 85th birthday, the "debonair" Detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) is enlisted to investigate.

Blanc sifts through a web of red herrings and self-serving lies to uncover the truth behind Harlan's untimely death with the help of Harlan's nurse, Marta (Ana de Armas) — "and when people get desperate, the knives come out." Carefully cast and hauntingly authentic, the film's talented ensemble shines in darkness and light.

If you'd like to unravel this mystery further, it's not on any specific platform right now but you can rent it on a few sites or watch it with Hulu Premium.

"Practical Magic"

This 1998 romantic comedy is the horror rom-com child of "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" and "While You Were Sleeping."

The film follows Sally (Sandra Bullock) and Gillian Owens (Nicole Kidman), two sisters born into a family of generationally cursed witches. Adept at what they call practical magic, the Owens sisters avoid hard magic due to unpredictable results.

But when Gillian's boyfriend dies unexpectedly, the sisters struggle to resurrect him- accidentally conjuring an evil spirit that threatens to end their family line.

Too inappropriate for children and too childish for adults, "Practical Magic" is the perfect lighthearted film for a fall get-together with family or friends. You can watch this spellbinding flick on Hulu.

"Little Women"

Warmly sincere and timelessly comforting, Greta Gerwig’s "Little Women" shares inherent autumnal characteristics with apple pie. Like leaves on a tree, the little women of Louisa May Alcott's classic tale grow through life side-by-side in this stunning and tear-jerking film.

As with every other adaptation, the film chronicles the chaotic lives of the March sisters. Meg, the eldest daughter, represents the conventional good. Jo, the second eldest, is outspoken, principled and dedicated to her future as a writer. Beth, the next daughter, is pure and a pillar of strength for the family.

And then there’s Amy, the youngest (I won't get into her character — this is a piece for Inside Beat, not the Opinions section, after all).

Brilliant on paper and the screen, Gerwig's 2019 adaptation will stand the test of time and should definitely be added to your fall watchlist! It can be watched with a Starz subscription.

With the first day of fall right around the corner, I hope you have fun pretending like it's not 85 degrees outside, and consider these five films for your next movie night! They won't fail to put you in that perfect fall mood.

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