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RU Connection 2023: Find your new collegiate style just in time for fall

Whether you're looking for something practical, stylish or both, these tips can help you find your new college-friendly wardrobe! – Photo by Ice You

As the Fall 2023 semester approaches, students are checking off the last few boxes on their back-to-school shopping list, including a new wardrobe. As an incoming first-year, it can be nerve-wracking trying to fit in on a new campus.

To alleviate some of that pressure, here are six fashion tips for this fall semester that can help you feel more confident when going to class or going out with new friends.


In order to have a good foundation for anything, especially your wardrobe, you need to start with the basics. Tank tops, t-shirts and cropped tees (both loose and fitted) are essential for a condensed, versatile closet.

The key is to find tops that go with anything and can be worn anywhere because they can be dressed up or down. Neutrals and earthy tones are always good, especially for the fall, but don't be afraid to add exciting colors to your wardrobe!

People change a lot during college, and so does their style. Keep in mind that you want to look for more timeless pieces that will never go out of style to save money and space in your closet.


We all have that one good pair of jeans we always wear because we can never find another pair like them. A staple, reliable pair in the closet is vital, but having two or three pairs that vary in cuts and types of washes make great additions.

A variety of washes or even cuts can be the difference between a good outfit and a great one, as it allows you to mix and match different pieces a bit easier. It can also elevate your outfit with minimal effort. For example, I naturally tend to lean more toward darker washes in the fall since my clothes aren't as bright. But having other pairs for perhaps a night out or a day that feels like summer allows your fall style to have range.

Graphic tees

Whether you're going to hang out with friends or rolling out of bed to go to class, a graphic tee is always a classic. It can be styled up or down and goes well with jeans, cargo pants, leggings or yoga pants. It's also the best way to express yourself by showing off your favorite artists, movies and more. The best and most unique graphic tees can be found while digging in the bins at a thrift store.


A classic black pair of Converse's iconic Chuck Taylors are usually comfortable to walk in, easy to clean and can be worn with anything. That being said, these kinds of shoes don't always provide the best support, so I recommend opting for Converse's high-top platform sneakers to achieve a similar style with fewer blisters.

These sneakers are perfect for speed walking down the College Avenue campus or for chasing after the bus in style. Even if they do get dirty, these shoes always manage to look good when they're a bit rough around the edges.


A little goes a long way when it comes to accessorizing in college. Adding jewelry to any basic outfit is the easiest way to take it up a notch. There is no need to go all out and buy expensive pieces, especially because you don't want to lose them on the bus.

Stacked, mix-matched earrings are always a go-to and can spice up an outfit in seconds. Collecting the right set of rings takes some time, but it's a fun way to add color to any outfit. Playing around with gemstones and crystals also allows you to wear them in a wide variety of styles. Lastly, mixing metals is a unique way to experiment with different pieces and develop your personal taste.


There's always that one stretch of fall in New Jersey when it's freezing cold in the mornings, then summertime again by noon. Having to lug a jacket around campus all day can be annoying, but having basic zip-ups can make this struggle a tad easier.

Hoodies are comfy, but a simple black, white or gray zip-up keeps you warm and doesn't have to ruin your outfit. Trust me, first-years: Pack a few of them for the start of the semester, and thank me later. You don't want to be the person bundling up in a t-shirt on their way to class.

Sticking to your own style is important, but don't be afraid to experiment with new styles, trends and outfits throughout college.

Everyone changes during these four years, and their style does with them. This is the perfect time to find who you are through a little clothing experimentation, so don't let anyone hold you back from expressing yourself!

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