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Put on your 'cardigan' for this fall-themed Taylor Swift playlist

Taylor Swift made a long-lasting mark on fall culture with the release of "Red (Taylor's Version)" in 2021. – Photo by @taylorswift13 /

The temperature is finally dipping to the 60s, leaves are starting to fall off trees and it's been rainy outside — so, of course, all the fall girlies are excited. To celebrate this autumnal euphoria, I decided to mesh together two of my favorite activities: making niche Spotify playlists and listening to Taylor Swift.

For all the people who love Swift's fall albums, specifically "Red (Taylor's Version)" and "evermore," grab your cardigans and scarves and add these songs to your playlists!

"All Too Well (10 Minutes Version)"

It's the ultimate fall classic. To be honest, I've never liked this song as much as diehard Swifties do, but it's her quintessential fall song. So, of course, it has to be on this list. There are too many fall-related lines in this song to name, but even beyond the lyrics, the song's instrumentals encapsulate the season.

Just in general, anyone who was around for the "Red (Taylor’s Version)" era knows how intense the fall theme was marketed around this album and specifically this song. I can't lie and say I didn't blast this iconic track on my earbuds while strolling across the leaf-covered paths of Voorhees Mall on the College Avenue campus. I would give literally anything to return to that time period.

"Red (Taylor's Version)"

The title track off Swift's most fall-esque album had to be on this list. Not only do the vibrant color descriptions of the song make you think of the deep red of changing leaves, but the lyrics also reference the season: "Like the colors in autumn, so bright, just before they lose it all." The song is as red as the overpriced "All Too Well" scarf on Swift's perch site — perfect for autumn.


Although "folklore" is a total summer album, "cardigan" is a fall song — which makes sense, considering it takes place after the events of "august," in terms of the Swift song canon. "cardigan" seems to happen in September, when school's starting again and the characters of Betty and James are reunited.

The track is also moody and contemplative, fitting for a late-night autumn stroll. And, of course, there's no better weather for a cardigan than fall!


Willows are a tree I tend to associate with summer, but the song itself has a fall vibe. From the instrumentals to the witchy vibe and performance of the song at the Eras Tour, "willow" is the perfect autumn song.

The poetic lyrics of almost any "evermore" song make the entire album extremely appropriate for the fall season, and "willow" is no exception.

"Jump Then Fall (Taylor's Version)"

OK, this one is a little cheesy but it's right there in the title! To me, "Fearless (Taylor’s Version)" is an underrated fall album. The all-yellow cover reminds me of the changing leaves, and while "Red (Taylor’s Version)" is the "sad girl autumn" album, to me, "Fearless (Taylor’s Version)" is so "happy girl fall!"

"Cornelia Street"

When people think of "Lover," they tend to associate it more with spring and summer, but "Cornelia Street" stands out to me as a total fall track on the album. First of all, it's more somber and slow than the other songs and really captures the feeling of a New York autumn. To me, "Cornelia Street," being autobiographical of the small moments in a relationship, makes it the more mature version of "All Too Well."

And the lyrics "Windows flung right open, autumn air / Jacket 'round my shoulders is yours" make this a must-add to any autumn Swift playlist.

I know any fall-loving Swiftie probably has their own fall-themed playlist consisting of Swift songs, so I hope I didn't leave your favorites off my list! This autumn, add these to your playlists, crank up those tunes and make this the kind of fall you'll remember "All Too Well."

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