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Acts to look out for during 2023 Gov Ball

Dozens of artists will be performing at this year's Governors Ball, including Lizzo, who is headlining on June 9. – Photo by @etnow / Twitter

As the 2023 Governors Ball dates get closer, I keep checking the frankly overwhelming list of musicians performing over the weekend. Written in big blocky letters in paragraph form, the official lineup poster makes it hard to visualize exactly who is performing.

So I've broken down some of the biggest artists attending, and a few acts I’m personally looking forward to seeing into an organized list. Hopefully, it can help you prioritize which of your favorite artists you want to see, just as I did.

Ice Spice

Ice Spice is more recent to the performing scene compared to the others on my list, but that has no reflection on her popularity and talent. I recently saw the rapper perform her featured verse on "Karma" during Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, and it was an exciting moment for fans and newbies like me who aren't as familiar with her music. Of course, she was only on stage for a short amount of time, so I’m curious to see what she can bring to a longer set.

Though she's been on the music scene for a comparatively shorter time, she's certainly made her mark, and I’m looking forward to seeing her perform on Friday, June 9.


Lizzo is someone that I've never followed that closely, but I’m excited to see her perform. Though I only know a handful of her songs that have played on the radio, from what I've seen, she's an incredible performer. From her positive attitude to her amazing outfits and impressive flute playing, seeing Lizzo live seems to be a positive and uplifting experience.

Though I'm not super familiar with her work, if she plays "Cuz I Love You," I’ll be screaming the lyrics louder than anyone there on Friday, June 9.


HAIM isn't as well known as other acts on this list, but I’ve recently become a fan of their music. I first discovered them in a collaboration with Taylor Swift for her album, "evermore," for the song "no body, no crime." After that, I listened to their album, "Women in Music Pt. III," which includes another collaboration with Swift, "Gasoline."

The band is made up of three sisters, and their sound mixes modern pop and a bit of vintage rock music together quite well. HAIM is performing on Friday, June 9.

Kendrick Lamar

Though I won't be attending the festival the day Kendrick Lamar performs, he's clearly one of the most exciting acts in the lineup and likely a huge draw for people going. Lamar is headlining on June 11, so if you're attending specifically to see him, make seeing the Sunday show your biggest priority.

Girl in Red

I became a big fan of Girl in Red during the early days of quarantine when TikTok was all about cloud bread and dancing to Doja Cat's "Say So." And, of course, the rise of Girl in Red.

Also known as Marie Ringheim, Girl in Red has a lot of trending songs on social media, and their other, lesser-known music is incredibly addictive as well. I personally never get tired of hearing "bad idea!" or "midnight love." Girl in Red is performing on the last day of the concert and is definitely one of my biggest highlights.

Suki Waterhouse

Though she’s now found success in her acting career in projects like "Daisy Jones and The Six," Suki Waterhouse is also well known for being an accomplished singer-songwriter. You probably know her by her song, "Good Looking," which trended on TikTok a few months ago. It's a dreamy, retro ballad, but her discography contains a lot more than just popular sounds. Waterhouse is set to perform on Saturday, June 10.

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X is one of those musicians that takes his artistry to a whole new level. I've followed him since "Old Town Road" made its appearance at my high school prom and have loved watching the creative and often risky choices he takes as an artist. As a fashion fan, I’m always impressed to see what he wears on red carpets, especially at events like the Met Gala. If you’re attending Gov Ball on Sunday, you should definitely put seeing Lil Nas X on the top of your list.

No matter which days you choose to go to, there are plenty of great acts performing each of the three days. If you can only choose one day to go, you're likely going to be leaving one of your favorites behind (heartbreaking, I know). But hopefully, this list makes it easier to narrow those choices down so you can pick your best Gov Ball date.

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