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EDITORIAL: Targum editors give their top 5 picks of spring semester

As the end of the semester approaches, The Daily Targum editors want to end on a fun note with their favorite things

With the stress of finals at the end of the semester, it is important to reflect upon your favorite things and what you can always turn to when you need to relax. – Photo by

As the 155th board closes out its first semester, each editor from The Daily Targum shares their favorite movie, song, food, hobby and memory.

Kithmy Wickramasinghe, editor-in-chief: "My favorite movie is 'Interstellar' because the music is beautiful and timeless and so is the plot. My favorite song changes pretty frequently, but right now, it is 'New Perspective' by Noah Kahan. I love the guitar bits throughout the song and the overall folksy feel. I have a really strong sweet tooth, and my favorite food is Haagen-Dazs' caramel cone ice cream, which I recently discovered.

"My favorite hobby is playing acoustic guitar. My family and I play together in a band during school breaks, and I enjoy jamming out to my favorite songs. Finally, my favorite memory of the semester is spending time with my best friends during picnics, late-night library study sessions or nights out."

Astha Lakhankar, managing editor: "My favorite movie that I’ve watched this semester is 'Fantastic Mr. Fox,' all the voice acting is perfect, and the stop motion animation is beautiful. My favorite song I’ve listened to is 'drama queen.' by Raffaella. I first listened to Raffaella in early high school, and I just started listening again to her more recent projects — she is definitely a star on the rise.

My favorite food this semester has been quesadillas. There is something about bread and cheese together that makes you feel better even if you’ve had a terrible day. My favorite hobby this semester has been reading short stories online. These pieces are able to pack so much depth and analysis into a shortened format, all while having such beautifully written prose.

"My favorite memory this semester has been waking up early in the morning to walk around the Cook and Douglass campuses — hearing birds chirping and taking in the crisp air is a lovely experience."

Brian Delk, head news editor: "My favorite movie is easily 'Ratatouille.' Cooking is one of the most fulfilling art forms that anyone can and should do, and I love every song from the soundtrack. My favorite song ever is 'untitled 05' by Kendrick Lamar — the features, production and lyrics are amazing, and I could listen to it for hours on repeat.

"My favorite hobby is biking, usually on trails or anywhere near nature. My favorite food is my mom’s famous spaghetti. My favorite memory from the semester is gonna be when it ends because I am tired and drained from all this work."

Uriel Isaacs, associate news editor: "One of my favorite movies is 'Air Force One' (1997). I do not have a favorite song. It all depends on what genre I am in the mood for. My favorite food is pizza. My favorite hobby is searching for flights for trips I will likely never end up taking. My favorite memory from the semester was visiting Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan over spring break with my best friend."

Arishita Gupta, news assignment editor position: "I personally have a preference for TV shows, so you won't catch me watching many movies. One that I’ll never get sick of though, is 'Tangled' — I watched it on repeat growing up and would do it again in a heartbeat. My favorite song is 'I Wanna Be Yours' by Arctic Monkeys (any of their songs, really). The kind of emotions/sensations the instrumentals of that song, in particular, invokes tends to just fill me with some sense of community.

"My favorite food has to be ramen, by far, and my favorite hobby would probably be dancing (I think it serves as a solution for almost any issue). This semester has been a whirlwind, to say the least, but my favorite part was being able to win first at our national club fencing competition alongside my incredible teammates."

Sara Eschleman, opinions editor: "My favorite movie is 'Marriage Story,' which may seem odd, but I really think the movie is so detailed, realistic and well-thought-out. My favorite song right now is 'ceilings' by Lizzy McAlpine. It just really puts me in my feels which is great for a study session at Starbucks or a ride on the bus. My favorite food is pasta. I am always eating it at least once a day which probably is not the best nutritionally, but I am obsessed.

"My favorite hobby is weightlifting because it gives me a great adrenaline rush and relieves my stress. My favorite memory from this semester is going to North Carolina with my best friends over spring break."

Ellis Gordon, head sports editor: "My favorite movie is 'Inglourious Basterds' by Quentin Tarantino: great plot, great script and Brad Pitt is the best. My favorite song is 'Biking' by Frank Ocean. My favorite song changes all the time, but at this very moment, it is 'Biking.' My favorite food is sushi, another thing that changes all the time, but right now, I have been craving sushi.

"My favorite hobby is playing basketball because it is a fun thing you can do with all your friends. My favorite memory is going to the Big Ten Tournament for the Targum. It was so fun to cover a great basketball tournament."

Josh Meyers, associate sports editor: "My favorite movie is 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' because it was so thrilling to see the three awesome versions of my childhood hero interact on the big screen. My favorite food was pizza as a kid, but now I think it's edamame which is a healthy and tasty snack. My favorite hobby is probably making cool memories with my friends and family.

"One of those cool memories this year was attending the Big Ten Tournament for the Targum to cover the Rutgers men’s basketball team, which is an experience I will never forget!"

Amanda Clark, co-copy editor: "My favorite movie is 'The Grand Budapest Hotel.' My favorite song always changes, and I honestly have no clue what my favorite song is. My favorite food would be a lava cake. My hobby is binge-watching TV shows or baking. I absolutely cannot believe this semester is over already. Choosing just one favorite memory is difficult, but it would be relaxing and hanging with my friends."

Caroline Serpico, co-copy editor: "My favorite movie is probably 'Little Women' (Greta Gerwig's version, obviously). I cannot get through this movie without sobbing, and I think Gerwig is a really talented writer and director in whatever project she picks up (and I expect 'Barbie' will replace this answer come July).

"My favorite song changes way too often, but right now, it’s probably 'Diving Woman' by Japanese Breakfast. I’ve been a big fan of the band (and this song) for quite a while now, but I find with their music that if I forget about a song, listening to it again always feels like the first time. My favorite food is probably pizza. Being from New Jersey, I suppose there’s no way around this answer.

"My favorite hobby is definitely baking (preferably in the very late hours of the night). I have yet to find a better coping mechanism for anxiety than baking cookies from scratch. Narrowing it down to one memory this semester is hard, but having picnics with my friends or walking to Hansel 'n Griddle late at night truly got me through this semester."

Hamza Azeem, photography editor: "My favorite movie is 'Ocean's Eleven' — I remember seeing it for the first time and being amazed by the film's complexity. My favorite song right now has got to be 'Secrets' by A Boogie Wit da Hoodie. My favorite (hobby) is photography. One of my favorite memories from this semester has to be when I went to go see the sunrise with some friends over spring break!"

Ragini Subramanian, video editor: "My favorite movie is definitely 'Om Shanti Om' — it’s just so Bollywood. That fire scene was in my nightmares daily as a kid, though. My favorite song this semester has been 'Ceci n'est pas un cliché' by Charlotte Adigéry or 'Carolina Carol Bela' covered by Rosalia de Souza. Both helped me pretend this semester wasn’t as hellish as it was.

"Favorite food is Thayir Chadam, aka yogurt rice, with pomegranate — top-tier perfection. My favorite hobby is probably eating and trying new foods. Shoutout to my Snapchat food story, where my friends just watch me eat 24/7. My favorite memory from this semester was going back home for spring break and eating beignets at Downtown Disney with my family."

Benjamin Horner, video editor: "My favorite film is definitely 'Night of the Living Dead' (1968). It is a chilling horror movie shot outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is debatably the first modern zombie flick. My favorite song is 'Sunflower' by Swae Lee and Post Malone. I really enjoy the vibes it gives me. Also, I always affiliate it with 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' — a terrific movie. My favorite food has to be my dad's delicious chili. I always look forward to coming home from school in the fall and eating it with the family.

"My favorite hobby is creating music. As a filmmaker, I often make my own tracks to include in the background rather than using copyrighted songs. My favorite memory from the semester was visiting the Roebling Museum with my wonderful girlfriend. We learned a lot about the historic town's steel mill, which contributed to several iconic suspension bridges."

Lena Stoeckert, inside beat editor: "My favorite movie is 'Emma' or 'When Harry Met Sally,' which are two of the best romcoms of all time. My favorite song is about 100 different ones, but one is 'Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters' by Elton John. My favorite food is California rolls, and my favorite hobby is reading. My favorite memory this semester is watching 'Succession' with my roommate while we scream at the TV."

My Huynh, social media editor: "My favorite movie is 'Good Will Hunting,' a timeless classic. My favorite song is any song by Metro Boomin (major FoMO for this year's Coachella). I love volleyball, and I am looking forward to this year's women's tournament to see who will win the national championship. I have high hopes for Nebraska, but Wisconsin has been a beast. My favorite food has to be spicy beef noodles with matcha, and my favorite memory of the semester was going to the beach on a random day."

The Daily Targum's editorials represent the views of the majority of the 155th editorial board. Columns, cartoons and letters do not necessarily reflect the views of the Targum Publishing Company or its staff.

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