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Whether you speak Hindi or English, you've got to listen to 'Maan Meri Jaan'

South Asian rapper King and Nick Jonas released a catchy new single together called "Maan Meri Jaan." – Photo by @nickjonas / Twitter

When Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas got married, it was the most unexpected piece of news that had us South Asian fangirls gushing for weeks.

During the couple's wedding ceremonies, we were able to see Jonas embrace various Indian traditions. It was truly heartwarming to see how receptive and welcoming he's been to his wife’s culture.

And while we assumed that Chopra was teaching her husband a little bit of Hindi at home, no one saw Jonas' latest collaboration on a Hindi song with Indian rapper King coming. Even more, we didn't expect to hear him sing in Hindi.

"Maan Meri Jaan," which translates to "Say Yes, My Love," is a beautiful pop number with a chorus that no one can resist singing along with and a beat that you can't help but dance to.

In Jonas' version of the song, titled "Maan Meri Jaan (Afterlife)," King's vocals and the Hindi lyrics don’t change, but Jonas' addition in English has fans all over the world swooning.

The newly added lyrics are the perfect mix of cheeky and sweet. Hearing them in Jonas' angelic voice in this Hindi track adds a refreshing layer to the original, but it gets even better as Jonas also sings a bit of Hindi in the song as well.

While it is only a quick line, it's adorable, and we have to give our props to Chopra, who probably helped him with the pronunciation.

King, whose real name is Arpan Kumar Chandel, released "Maan Meri Jaan" on Oct. 13, 2022, and the song was met with success right off the bat. Garnering more than 300 million views on YouTube, the song has become a favorite for many.

But the version of the track featuring Jonas, released on March 10, has reached a whole new level of popularity. Both King and Jonas went to their Instagram to show their appreciation and love for the collaboration, posting videos of them dancing to the new single.

Needless to say, the internet went ballistic the day the track was released. For fans of South Asian music as well as the Jonas Brothers (meaning me), this collaboration feels like a personal gift. I'll be sure to add both versions of the song to a few of my playlists, and if you fall into the previous categories, you definitely should too.

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