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Taylor Swift is always 'Bejeweled' — but these are her best Eras Tour looks

Taylor Swift left her "cardigan" at home and has proven herself to be quite the fashion icon during the Eras Tour. – Photo by @TSTheErasTour / Twitter

If you're anything like me, you've been religiously following Taylor Swift's Eras Tour since it started on March 17. Maybe you've been lucky enough to attend one of the shows, or if you lost "The Great Ticketmaster War" like many other Swifties, you've probably been getting FoMO watching TikTok lives of the concert.

In anticipation of the tour's kickoff, many Swifties, including myself, had prediction lists about what songs Swift would be singing and how the whole thing would be arranged. But no one could guess the sheer amount of effort Swift and her team put into the costumes for the concerts.

It's usual that Swift has a few costume changes each show, but the Eras Tour had more than 13 different costumes in the first show alone. If that wasn't impressive enough, Swift has new sets of costumes for each show. Though some costumes stay the same, she switches certain ones out for fresher looks, and time will only tell how extensive the tour's wardrobe is.

So as a Swiftie who loves fashion, I'll be going over a list of some of my top five looks so far on the tour and the incredible designers who brought them to us.

6. "Lover" Atelier Versace bodysuits

The "Lover" era that starts out Swift's tour is truly defined by Versace — both the bodysuits she wore and the suit jacket she wore for "The Man" are by the famous designer.

Swift's "Lover" bodysuits were an amazing starting look for the tour, and while I think both are gorgeous, I prefer the more toned-down blue and gold one she wore on March 18 to the red, pink, white and blue one she wore on opening night on March 17.

Oh, and I can't forget to mention the knee-high Christian Louboutin boots she wore with them, which are alone gorgeous enough to make this outfit sixth on my list.

5. "Enchanted" Zuhair Murad gown

During one of my favorite beats of the show, where Swift covers the "Speak Now" era, she comes out onto a dreamy purple and pink smoky stage, emerging into the light in a gorgeous floor-length gown. Not only does this moment afford Swift a breather from the choreography, but it also gives the audience a chance to "ooh" and "aah" at her gorgeous dress.

There are three gowns for the "Speak Now" sequence that she wears on different nights, but Murad's is by far my favorite. It's girly yet completely stunning and grown-up at the same time — Swift lights up in it. As a lover of dramatic princess gowns, it's now become one of my deepest wishes to be able to twirl around in one.

Nothing against Elie Saab, but I'm not a fan of her "Speak Now" gown's design — the fake flower petals are not it. And while the gown from Nicole + Felicia Couture is beautiful, the Murad stands out. Let's just say I was very "Enchanted" to meet it.

4. "Reputation" Roberto Cavalli snake bodysuit

The first time I saw footage from the Eras Tour, this costume immediately became a favorite of mine. As many of you probably remember, Swift was called a snake by Kim Kardashian and her fans on Twitter. Since then, Swift has taken control of the snake symbolism and owned it.

This Roberto Cavalli half-pant, black bodysuit features red snakes going up and down her body. My favorite touch is the snake microphone she holds throughout the concert's "Reputation" segment. Some people argue that the baggy look makes this one seem a bit cheap, but I'm such a fan of the design that I can completely look past that.

3. Oscar de la Renta's "Midnights" blue bodysuit

Considering "Midnights" was the newest album, and the Eras Tour is the first time it was performed, the outfits for this section were extremely important. While the jacket she wears at the era's beginning is cute, this deep blue bodysuit is the star.

The costume features thousands of crystals carefully attached and gorgeous fringe hanging from the bottom that gives it a sort of "Chicago" look, perfect for the "Vigilante Sh*t" chair dance. Of course, Swift is again wearing matching knee-high Louboutin boots, which seems to be her signature look at this point.

Though I love the garter look in the Murad bodysuit and appreciate the work that went into it, I think the de la Renta piece is more elegant and refined in a deeper blue. The other one looks a bit too costumey, but the de la Renta she wore on opening night looks as expensive as she is, which is exactly what you want to see when she's performing "Bejeweled."

But I have to hand it to Murad because the garter is a fantastic touch, so in my perfect world, de la Renta would've just added one.

2. "Evermore" Etro dress

As an "Evermore" girlie through and through, this was by far my favorite era of the tour and one of my favorite outfits. It's not nearly as sparkly and expensive-looking as the others, but that's what made it work so well for this sequence.

Don't get me wrong, I'm aware of how deceptive its simplicity is, as it's still a custom-made Etro dress, but it's a gorgeous orange that lights up Swift's complexion. There's been some controversy over the boots, but I'm personally a fan because I think they really encapsulate the woodsy-autumn nature of the "Evermore" album.

1. "Folklore" Alberta Ferretti gown

Now this green dress is the reason I'm even making this list. Swift's worn a few "Folklore" gowns she's swished up and down the stage while belting the album's ballads during the tour. But while all of those seemingly Stevie Nicks inspired costumes were gorgeous, the green Ferretti one she wore on April 13 was life-changing.

It's a floor-length chiffon gown, and the material makes it look as if Swift is flying across the stage while dancing. The leaf-designed details follow a deep v-neckline and a stomach cut-out which makes the look just a tad revealing.

The dress completely nails the ethereal, late summer nature of "Folklore" as an album and isn't just my favorite look of the tour but my favorite look of hers ever. I really just can't say enough about it, and I want a cheaper copy for my birthday.

Considering we're not even halfway through the tour, I'd say we probably have a ton more costumes to get through before August comes. Personally, I'd love to see some outfit changes for the "Reputation" and "Evermore" eras, as they haven't had them yet, and I think there's a lot of room for some daring changes.

But so far, I've absolutely loved almost everything I've seen on tour. And if I'm lucky and ticket prices lower, hopefully, I'll be seeing some of it in person.

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