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No longer protected by 'Lavender Haze,' Joe Alwyn has become Swifties' new enemy

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's breakup sparks a new hatred of the internet's once beloved boyfriend. – Photo by @PopBase / Twitter

On April 8, Entertainment Weekly dropped an exclusive story announcing that Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift had split after six years together.

The news came to the surprise of most of Swift's fans, from the casual to the diehard, as Swift and Alwyn had been seemingly happy together for a long time. Their relationship even sparked engagement rumors following albums like "Lover," which, to some publications, suggested secret nuptials had been exchanged.

Both Swift and Alwyn dodged any rumors about their relationship, seemingly happy with keeping things private, which many thought was a sign of a healthy relationship. The release of "Midnights" featured the single "Lavender Haze," which Swift said was about avoiding strange rumors to focus on what matters in a relationship.

Considering Swift's history with love and rumors and the drama of public relationships, it seemed that she'd finally found the "peace" that she'd been searching for.

But the news of the breakup came as a shock and even denial to many. Fans wanted to wait for Swift's confirmation of the breakup, but that's not how she rolls.

Most celebrities break major news through their teams and news publications they trust. So if you were expecting Swift to announce her split from Alwyn with a teary-eyed YouTube video, you might not understand the world of public relations.

As an increasing amount of reliable sources like CNN and Good Morning America confirmed the news, even the greatest of skeptics were convinced. And after a few days of drying their tears over the breakup, Swifties picked up their pitchforks and torches and turned on Alwyn, immediately hungry for blood.

A few weeks ago, Alwyn was beloved by the vast majority of Swift's fans but one breakup later, and he is now their number one enemy. "Friends break up," according to Swift's own words. Breakups happen. They're only natural. It comes across as a bit childish to expect Swift and Alwyn to be exceptions to this rule.

Of course, only two people are involved in a breakup, so we never really know the full story. But from sources like Entertainment Weekly imply that Swift's fame was something Alwyn couldn't reconcile with. Many Swifties don't seem to understand this reasoning, arguing that Alwyn should have considered himself lucky to be dating Swift.

Alwyn is his own person, and if you're not hungry for the immense amount of fame a superstar like Swift has, that's completely understandable and a valid reason to break off a relationship.

Swifties turning on Alwyn comes as the result of them putting Swift on an unreachable pedestal. Despite what some think, Swift isn't perfect, and there's always two sides to every story. It's not shocking to me that people picked her in the metaphorical divorce over Alwyn, but it isn't fair to tear the latter down.

Many, including the famous tabloid without any boundaries, TMZ, have commented on Alwyn's looks compared to Swift's following the breakup. While innocently going about his day, Alwyn had pictures taken of him and then posted all over social media, where the masses make fun of his looks.

This is unbelievably unfair, first, because it's never right to make fun of someone's appearance, and secondly, because Alwyn has made it clear he's not a big fan of paparazzi or the spotlight.

Looks are, of course, not an indicator of morals. I know that I haven't always looked my best in public, and if I had my picture taken in an unflattering light while running errands and then opened Twitter to find out I was getting roasted, I wouldn't exactly be happy.

Meanwhile, Swift is being praised for the bare minimum — just going out to dinner and looking fabulous. And, of course, she does look great, but that's because she knows how to pull off a public appearance far better than the less experienced Alwyn — something that's been clear through the course of their relationship and breakup.

But this isn't the first time exes of Swift have been torn apart following a breakup. Swift knows how to play the ex-game, and she doesn't always play fair. Not to mention, she has an army of fans frothing at the mouth to attack anyone she doesn't get along with. Sadly, this has already happened to Emma Laird, Alwyn's friend, who he was bullied for hanging out with on social media.

Now seems like an appropriate time for Swift, who's been pretty active on social media lately, to send out a message telling people to mind their business and not send hate to seemingly innocent parties. But that's never been one of her habits, so why would she start now?

It comes off as incredibly fake to be a fan of Alwyn, just to turn around and drop him once he's out of Swift's life. Clearly, it speaks to the toxic side of parasocial relationships, a topic that Inside Beat has covered in the past.

All of this isn't to say I'm not a fan of Swift nor would I necessarily declare myself on Alwyn's side. We don't know what happened in the breakup, largely because of the private nature of the relationship itself. But the way Swifties turn on anyone not on their idol's good side is shameful, and I personally would not like to be sat next to them at the "Eras Tour."

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