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Plan your spring break trip around your zodiac sign

Find out if the stars can predict where you'd have the most fun this spring break. – Photo by Ice You

Although spring break is right around the corner, it's not too late to pack your bags and book a last-minute trip to your chosen destination. If anything, that's the trickiest part — choosing where you want to go. So what better than to leave the fate of your spring break in the hands of the stars? 

So if you're looking for a getaway but still unsure where to go, let your zodiac sign (and some of my personal recommendations) decide for you.

Aries: Miami

Like most fire signs, when I think of them, I think of excitement and adventure — especially Aries. The intense nightlife of Miami may be a bit too much for some of the signs (myself included), but action-craving Aries will love the way the city never stops partying. No one will tell this often loud and boisterous sign to quiet down while club hopping in Miami.

Aries are also thrill-seekers which means that an excursion to the Everglades will make the perfect day trip where they can kayak or boat alongside dolphins (or even alligators).

Taurus: Canún, Mexico

At first, I was tempted to suggest a staycation for the comfort-seeking Taurus, but that's not exactly a fun recommendation. Instead, relaxing on a beach resort near crystal blue waters with a drink in hand seems ideal for Taurus.

Tauruses aren't the type to be roughing it in any way, so being able to easily get refills on drinks and treated with the special service they deserve is perfect for this Earth sign. And if they feel up to it, there's plenty to do and see off the resort as well.

Gemini: Backpacking in Europe 

For the adaptive and highly social Gemini, I think there's nothing better to recommend than a week or two spent backpacking in Europe. They'll likely enjoy meeting different people and exploring cool cities with their new friends.

Of course, we're spring-breaking on a budget, so hostels are a must, and Geminis would be one of the best signs to handle it due to their agreeable nature.

Geminis also enjoy a bit of intellectual wandering, so they'll love visiting all the art and history museums Europe has to offer. Budapest, Prague, Amsterdam and Barcelona are some of the best cities for backpacking, with great nightlife and amazing sights to see.

Cancer: Disney World

Though stereotyped as overly sensitive, I like to think of Cancers as in tune with their emotions. This means they'll be the zodiac sign most likely to buy into the magic of Disney, in my opinion.

With the explosion of emotions Cancers go through, I think they're most likely to reminisce about childhood and, therefore, will appreciate the nostalgia of Disney World.

And the fireworks shows will surely make them cry at the end of the night. With a good group of loyal friends and maybe a day trip to the Florida beaches, Cancer will fit in perfectly at the most magical place on Earth.

Leo: Panama City Beach, Florida

Always the life of the party, where better to send the bold Leo than to a city famous for being a spring break spot? It really wouldn't do to send them anywhere too quiet since they've likely been looking to let loose the whole semester.

Their natural boldness will make it easy for Leos to make friends on the busy beaches over a few drinks or a game of volleyball. With their passion and exuberance for life, Leos will make the most of this exciting spring break as they do with everything else.

Virgo: New York City

This might be a tad controversial as spring break is a time when many people try to escape the cold and head south, but hear me out: Virgos love organization and planning.

In New York City, there's plenty to plan, like tours or restaurant ideas, all of which can be sorted into a lovely spreadsheet. Using their logic and practicality, Virgos will be able to navigate the Subway system with ease.

Additionally, New York City hosts plenty of history and art museums for these brainiacs to lose themselves in for hours. The Big Apple will look great on Virgo as an elegant, classy and simple sign.

Libra: Jamaica 

As someone with many Libras in their life, I know they can be a bit indecisive. What better than to go on a trip where most of your decisions are made for you, like in an all-inclusive vacation package?

The aesthetically-minded Libra will love the scenery of Jamaica and, more specifically, how they look in it while lazing about on the beach in their favorite new swimsuit.

Scorpio: Camping

Every Scorpio I've known has had a deep connection with life and nature, which often translates into a love of camping. Though Scorpios usually prefer city life which suits their career ambitions, they need a break to reconnect with themselves and the world around them. When I picture these signs on vacation, I see them happiest under a blanket of stars.

Scorpios also crave intimacy and deep conversations, and there's no better place to find this than in a tent or RV with one or two of their favorite people.

Sagittarius: Island hopping in Greece

Island hopping in Greece is perfect for Sagittarius because it provides adventure and lots to learn. As a Sagittarius myself, it's been on my bucket list for a while.

There's plenty to explore regarding nature, activities and the thousands-year-old history that the ancient Greeks have to offer. In other words, they'll never get bored.

Another one of Sagittariuses' most significant traits is being attracted to independence. That's why these signs will love how an island hopping vacation offers them freedom and a chance to explore wherever their hearts lead them. Capricorn: Charleston, South Carolina

Everyone deserves a break, even work-obsessed Capricorns. But because these signs crave order and structure, city vacations are preferable as the relaxed vibe of a beach getaway might ironically stress them out.

Charleston provides the perfect spring break destination for this Earth sign. There are plenty of tours to book, sights to see and great restaurants to feed their inner foodie. Seriously — I've been to Charleston, and the meals were one of the biggest highlights of the trip. 

The city is the perfect mix for Capricorns wanting to get a bit of sun but not wanting to stray too far from the hustle and bustle of regular life. Plus, while the city life is incredible, there are also beaches right nearby and nature to explore if it calls to them.

Aquarius: New Orleans

The creative-minded and eccentric Aquarius will love visiting New Orleans, one of the most unique and vibrant cities in the U.S. Artsy Aquarius will have a deep appreciation for the music scene and gorgeous architecture. Always willing to try something new, the cuisine will have them ordering seconds.

As an Aquarius rising, I know this air sign can get lost in their thoughts and Orleans is the perfect place to do that, sitting in a café with an order of beignets and jazz music spilling onto the streets around them.

Pisces: Outer Banks, North Carolina

Known for their connection to water, putting Pisces near the beach this spring break is a clear choice. The Outer Banks is a popular tourist destination for college students, and Pisces will enjoy the chance to spend most of their time by or in the ocean, surfing, swimming or just chilling with their friends while bobbing in the waves.

Highly romantic, Pisces loves taking the time to smell the roses and appreciate the little things in life. And they'll certainly never get tired of watching the sunset on the Outer Banks each night.

Though you likely have your spring break plans settled this year, it's never too late to add a weekend trip to your to-do list or start planning next year's trip (I'm looking at you, Virgos). When you plan your big spring break getaway, whether it be this one or the next, let the stars be your guide.

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