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Prepare for finals season at these underrated study spots

Rutgers has tons of places to study for its many students, but if you're sick of the same old options try these more obscure study spots. – Photo by Rutgers University–New Brunswick / Twitter

The smell of coffee is in the air, the days are getting shorter and students all across Rutgers are beginning to huddle over their books, studying for what's right around the corner. That’s right — finals season is approaching! No matter what your major is, pretty much every student on campus knows the struggle of spending long days and nights getting ready for exams, projects, presentations and more.

But after hours and hours of reviewing material, many of us get bored of sitting in our dorms or at the same table at the library. In this article, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite study spots on campus so that hopefully they can become some of your favorites too.

Rutgers Art Library on the College Avenue campus

Because both Alexander Library and the Art Library are on the same campus, the Rutgers Art Library often gets overlooked. It’s a really pretty, quiet and calming space, and I love going there to do readings for my classes.

This library does close a lot earlier than Alexander Library, so it isn’t the best spot for an all-nighter, but it’s a great place to stop by in between classes or for a nice, well-lit afternoon study session. It’s also located right next to the Zimmerli Art Museum if you ever need to give yourself a much-deserved study break by taking a walk around the museum.

Tillett Hall on Livingston campus

This might mainly be known as a psychology building, but I had to take a class in Tillett Hall last year, and it actually has a really nice space on the first floor with couches and tables that is great for getting work done. Additionally, there are vending machines and printers nearby, and the Livingston Dining Hall is only a couple of minutes away!

Everything you may need is super close, so this is a good place to hunker down for a long day of studying. If you’re getting bored of the James Dickson Carr Library and you’re ready to switch it up, this is a great place to stop by.

Antilles Field on Douglass campus

On the field behind Voorhees Chapel on Douglass campus, there’s a huge line of outdoor seating that’s great for studying in nice weather. I stumbled across Antilles Field by accident one day and found it made the perfect spot for some secret peaceful studying. It might not be the best place for fall semester final exams, but if we ever get another particularly warm day, there’s plenty of space out there to catch up on schoolwork alongside a beautiful, natural view.

Neilson Dining Hall on Douglass campus

This might seem like a crazy choice, but hear me out. Neilson is the smallest and most chill of all the dining halls, and the big tables are great for looking at a few books at a time.

The food is also pretty good and will keep you sustained for a few hours of studying. Additionally, the music selection here is always something completely different, so if you come here multiple times a week to study, you’re always in for a new experience. If you live on either Cook campus or Douglass campus and need a new place to study, I think it’s worth giving the trusty dining hall a chance.

This is absolutely not an exhaustive list of study spots, but these are all places that I’ve found nice for doing work and switching up my study routine. I’m sure I’ll continue discovering new study spots every day — Rutgers is such a massive school that there are endless places to find yourself cramming for a math exam or writing an English paper.

I hope this list helps you find a new place you enjoy studying, or maybe even a new favorite spot on campus!

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