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Selena Gomez's documentary 'My Mind & Me' provides emotional glimpses into her career

Selena Gomez's new documentary is an emotion-filled, empathetic portrait of her struggles and triumphs. – Photo by Selena Gomez / Twitter

On November 2, pop icon Selena Gomez released her highly anticipated Apple TV+ documentary, "Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me." After the trailer for the documentary laid out the topics that would be discussed in the new film, most people, including myself, were immediately hooked.

I've been a huge fan of Gomez since her early days, and I’ve watched her grow up alongside me my whole life. She'll always have such a special place in my heart, so I was very interested to learn more about her life behind the scenes and the struggles she’s faced over the years.

The documentary focuses on her struggles with lupus, her mental health, her experience with fame and her philanthropic endeavors.

The film starts back in 2016, bringing us behind the scenes of her Revival Tour, in support of her second solo studio album, "Revival." I personally attended the tour, and it was one of my favorite shows I’ve ever been to.

It was incredibly interesting to go behind the curtain and see the struggles that Gomez was dealing with at the time, during a huge peak of her career. One of the saddest points of the film was when her friends and family talked about her experience being admitted to a psychiatric facility and how they didn’t know whether she’d survive after suffering from psychosis in 2016.

The documentary then moves forward in time to more recent years. One of my favorite things was seeing Gomez visit her old school and the other places where she'd grown up in Texas. It was so heartwarming to see her pay visits to people from her hometown and really experience her roots again for the first time in years.

But for every heartwarming moment, there are heartbreaking ones too. At one point, Gomez broke down in tears while discussing her issues with self-loathing and the harsh critiques she puts on herself.

Gomez also discussed how working in the industry her whole life has deeply affected her and explained the trauma she still lives with on a daily basis from being a world-renowned Disney kid.

Gomez also broke down in tears while saying she didn’t want to disappoint the head of her record label, admitting that she didn’t want him to think that he signed "some f**king Disney kid." It was truly so heartbreaking to see her tear herself apart and criticize herself so harshly when, in my eyes, she’s always been such an inspiration and is an amazing performer.

The documentary has been making waves on TikTok — and not for good reasons. While the film is amazing and shows Gomez in such a vulnerable and insightful light, it also exposed the true dynamic of some of her personal relationships.

People on TikTok have been tearing apart her "friend" Raquelle Stevens, mainly due to the way she so outwardly treats Gomez badly throughout the whole film. Throughout the documentary, Stevens is seen showing little to no empathy toward her apparent "best friend" Gomez, and it was honestly really jarring and upsetting to see how little Gomez’s inner circle supports her.

Gomez has been through so many hardships throughout her life and career, from her declining mental and physical health to constant streams of hatred from critics and trolls on social media. You would hope for someone experiencing so many issues in their life that they would have a good group of people around them, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for Gomez.

I also loved seeing Gomez’s different philanthropic endeavors as it was really heartwarming to see how deeply she cares about philanthropy and helping others. Gomez has always been such a huge inspiration for me and many others, so it’s nice to see behind-the-scenes moments where she really gets to connect with those that she inspires.

"My Mind & Me" provided me with such a rollercoaster of emotions. It's heart-wrenching, insightful, inspiring, honest and overall an amazing viewing experience. Fans and non-fans of Gomez alike would truly enjoy this documentary as it is extremely interesting to get an inside look at the life and struggles of one of the world’s most influential people.

This documentary is well worth the watch, and I couldn’t recommend it any more highly.

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