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Finsta's return could save your feed (or your job prospects)

Any social media user invested in their privacy could benefit from a "finsta," or a fake Instagram. – Photo by Claudio Schwarz / Unsplash

In our generation, everything we do is posted to social media for anyone to find. We can’t hide any post nowadays because everyone from classroom peers to someone across the world can have access to each post in a matter of seconds.

Finstas, or spam Instagram accounts, have become more and more popular since users noticed that they couldn’t post whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. Finsta is internet slang for "fake Insta," and their purpose is to be able to post whatever your heart desires without the worries of others seeing it.

Instagram became a vacuous form of social media where people only post exciting and filtered parts of their lives, though it was not created with this intention.

To escape from this, many people resorted to creating finsta accounts where they could be authentic and 100 percent themselves, without judgment from other random Instagram users. Whether it be goofy pictures with your friends or not-so-appropriate pictures that you wouldn’t want your grandma to see, they can all be posted to your finsta for no one to see except your closest friends.

To maximize the best possible use out of your new spam account (or the one you're dusting off from middle school), here are some helpful tips to get the ground running on your new account.

The first step when creating a new finsta is to make sure the account has been turned to private to ensure that no one you haven’t approved can see the posts. Despite wanting your crush to stumble upon your unfiltered account to see how fun you are, there are many people such as your boss, teacher or ex who may frown upon seeing those posts.

In addition to making the account private, you need to create a username that is unique and hard to attach yourself to. You want to make this account completely secret, so slapping your first and last name into your username will make it a little obvious that it's you.

It will also make it easier for others to find your finsta account if you are following yourself. By following yourself, all someone has to do is scroll through your following list to find your account. Refraining from connecting your main account to your finsta makes it 10 times more difficult for some nosey person to find your account. 

Despite your username being disconnected from you in terms of general information, it should still be unique to you and your personality. Whether it be funny or just a cute little nickname, personalizing it to you and your life is a great way to spice up your account. 

Now that you've created your account, you might be stuck on what to post or what you want your close group of friends to see. Despite the account being raw and unfiltered, you still want it to be appealing to the eye and enjoyable for your followers.

Ideas range from cute selfies that you feel too self-conscious to post on your main account, funny memes, videos of you and your friends having fun or aesthetic pictures of nature.

Any day-to-day pictures that you might not want to bombard your main account's followers with can go on your finsta. Don’t worry about how often you post because people are following your spam account for a reason. They know what they signed up for when they followed you, so don’t be ashamed to post 20 times a day if you want to!

View this account as the "real you" and your main account as your best parts. Everyone knows that your Instagram life is a rose-tinted version, so make this account real. The main goal with this account? Don’t try and act like someone you're not. Have fun!

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