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EDITORIAL: Targum editors share what they are thankful for this season

During the holiday season, it is important to come together and reflect on gratitude

It is important to take time over break to reflect on the people and things that surround us and be grateful. – Photo by Priscilla Du Perez / Unsplash

As we get ready to return home for the Thanksgiving holiday, The Daily Targum's editors reflect on what they are most grateful for.

Isabella Tyszka, editor-in-chief: "I'm grateful for how much I have grown within the past year. I have a mindset in which sometimes it’s hard to accept change, but I'm glad that I am starting to accept and look forward to new experiences and who I might be a year from now, as scary as that might seem. Aside from that, I’m grateful for my friends, my family, my health. Just being alive and able to experience the world is a lovely thing."

Victoria Yeasky, managing editor: "I'm most grateful for my friends and my family this Thanksgiving. My roommates Olivia, Sasha and Julia are always there for me as are my hometown best friends Amanda and Maia. Big shoutout to my little brother Jake and my mom, dad and stepdad, as well. I also have a lot of love for my pets: Tiger, Blue, Jawa and Elka."

Astha Lakhankar, head news editor: "I'm really thankful for my family and loved ones as they are such a great support system and have helped me throughout the year, especially this semester."

Kithmy Wickramasinghe, associate news editor: "I'm grateful for my family and friends for their continual love and support. First place goes to my cat for being adorable and always making me feel better after a tough day. I'm also incredibly grateful for the good health of myself and those around me, especially after seeing the aftermath of the pandemic."

Claire Bruno, associate news editor: "I am most grateful for my family, friends and health. By living at school and still not being too far from home, I constantly get to be surrounded by the people I love, and this time of year always makes me feel especially lucky for that."

Ricky Suta, opinions editor: "I am really grateful for all of my friends and family. Sometimes it is difficult to step back and be aware of how much support I have, but in this season, I am reminded how lucky I am to be surrounded by such a strong network of support."

Dylan McCoy, head sports editor: "I am most grateful this year for my family who is always there for me. My friends are also people that I am grateful for and finally, I am grateful that both the Giants and Devils have decided to start winning again this year."

Jack Bisaha, associate sports editor: "I am most grateful for my friends and family as they are the backbone of everything I do here at Rutgers. If I did not have the support of my parents and my friends, I would not be in the position that I am today."

Vy Nguyen, head copy editor: "Lately, I’ve been feeling especially thankful for my friends and their willingness to hear me out even when what I have to say is ridiculous. This semester has been pretty trying for all of us, so to have friends who can still find it in themselves to support one another is priceless."

Henry Wang, photography editor: "Health is something that I often overlook during a busy semester. When I do get the time to reflect with gratitude, I am grateful that my friends and family are all doing well physically and mentally."

Chris Kim, head video editor: "I'm really thankful for all the people in my life. The more I think about what comes next after college, I do get a little bit scared at the idea of starting my own life, but I find comfort in knowing that I'll never really be alone."

Jonny Berkowitz, associate video editor: "I am most grateful for my sobriety and community of sober folks at Rutgers. Also my Targum family!"

Meredith MacLean, inside beat editor: "I'm definitely thankful for my wonderful family and friends all around the world and that I get to have a wonderful meal with some of them this weekend!"

Rachel Chang, social media editor: "I am most grateful for my family! They are my biggest supporters and have helped me get through some tough times. I am also very grateful for all of my friends — they make life so much sweeter, and I am glad to have spent all of these college years with them."

The Daily Targum's editorials represent the views of the majority of the 154th editorial board. Columns, cartoons and letters do not necessarily reflect the views of the Targum Publishing Company or its staff.

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