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EDITORIAL: Targum editors share their thoughts on importance of being politically engaged

In preparation of this week's elections, it is necessary to commit ourselves to civic engagement

As this week's midterms make political issues front of mind, The Daily Targum's editors reflect on why politics matters, especially for young people.  – Photo by Steve Houghton-Burnett

In preparation of this week's election, The Daily Targum's editors reflect on why politics matter and share why they think Rutgers students should engage with political issues.

Isabella Tyszka, editor-in-chief: "It’s easy to be passive and frustrated with the current political system. There’s so much injustice that it’s disheartening to even think about. Still, politics matters so much in our everyday life because a simple vote or being an activist for the causes and communities you care about can make a world of difference in shaping the future. We all want better."

Victoria Yeasky, managing editor: "Politics matters to me because it revolves around everything we do whether we recognize it or not. Causes such as protecting rights for women, the LGBTQ+ community and people of color are all particularly important to me. In addition, political causes revolving around the climate crisis and the environment are important to me as well."

Astha Lakhankar, head news editor: "Politics matter to me because they impact every individual in our society, and it’s necessary to understand them in order to solve the issues that affect us."

Kithmy Wickramasinghe, associate news editor: "I believe politics and elections are important because they give you the power to vote for causes that are important for you. You're given the chance to put your voice forward, and you should definitely use it to fight for what you believe in. A lot of people don't believe that voting matters because it's rarely a single vote that changes the tide. But not using the chance that you're given shows a lot about your willingness to advocate for important issues."

Claire Bruno, associate news editor: "Political matters are important because even though those who are running for office might not be our ideal candidates, they still are the people who end up leading us and being the ones to resolve the most prominent issues that we face.

"For young adults especially, politics is so important because we have the opportunity to vote and therefore have a say in how these modern issues are resolved. It matters so much to engage and be aware of our political climate because the more that we know, the more we can control how the issues in our world are faced, which shapes our future."

Ricky Suta, opinions editor: "Politics matters to me because it is fundamentally about people and about our communities. When we engage in politics, whether that means voting or working in your community, we get to make change and have an actual impact on the lives of people around us. The more we know and the more we engage with, the more positive change is possible."

Dylan McCoy, head sports editor: "Politics matters to me because they affect my daily life and the lives of everyone around me."

Jack Bisaha, associate sports editor: "Politics matters to me because it is the root of all policy and laws in our country. Every election has consequences, and you saw that firsthand in the past elections of 2016 and 2020. Moreover, politics has its effect not just on the national level, but on the local level. So be sure to get out there and vote on Tuesday and make your voice heard!"

Vy Nguyen, head copy editor: "Politics matters to me because I have seen people hurt tremendously as a result of complacent policy, and I’ve seen people’s lives improve dramatically as a result of thought-out, compassionate policy. In our current position, we cannot afford to be apathetic about current events, and the midterms give us another chance to participate in democracy."

Henry Wang, photography editor: "Politics for me have definitely become more noisy and extreme with how information spreads on social media. Nevertheless, being able to form your own opinions by seeing the shades of gray is important for critical thinking."

Chris Kim, head video editor: "Politics matters to me because of how much it truly affects us. When policies that unfairly produce barriers for certain groups of people are implemented, it sets the tone for where we are as a society."

Jonny Berkowitz, associate video editor: "Politics are important to me as they reflect issues in everyday life and how we can view our futures."

Meredith MacLean, inside beat editor: "Politics is important to me as a matter of empathy. I care about what happens to me, but I care about what happens to other people that look like me, and people who don't look like me at all. Oftentimes, people unlike me are even more at risk for dangerous legislative decisions. Protecting them is the right thing to do.

"But I'm also gay and a woman, so there are plenty of plans to harm groups I'm a part of myself. Being politically engaged and aware is not only a way of protecting myself, but a way of expressing that I believe everyone deserves a safe, fulfilling and equitable life."

Rachel Chang, social media editor:  “I believe that choosing good people to represent us is so important. By voting for politicians who have views and beliefs that align with our own, we can have more confidence that the right things will be advocated for in government.”

The Daily Targum's editorials represent the views of the majority of the 154th editorial board. Columns, cartoons and letters do not necessarily reflect the views of the Targum Publishing Company or its staff.

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