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U. investigates cause of fire in Hardenbergh Hall

When the Rutgers University Emergency Services (RUES) arrived at Hardenbergh Hall on the College Avenue campus, responders found a smoldering trash can in the men’s restroom on the ground floor. – Photo by

On Wednesday, Rutgers University Emergency Services (RUES) responded to a signal that a fire alarm was activated in Hardenbergh Hall on the College Avenue campus.

RUES received the signal at approximately 9 p.m., said Kevin Lorincz, director of communications at the University, in a statement to The Daily Targum. When responders arrived at the scene, they found a trash can smoldering in the men’s restroom on the ground floor of the residence hall.

“The fire melted the liner in the trash receptacle but not the plastic receptacle itself,” Lorincz said. “After a thorough inspection, the all-clear was given and residents were permitted to return to the building.”

Lorincz said that the fire did not put any individuals in danger, the fire alarm system functioned properly and the cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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