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Daniel's to Douglas: Explore different slices of New Brunswick's pizza scene

Want the perfect slice? Picking where to go in New Brunswick might be harder than you think. – Photo by Alan Hardman / Unsplash

A good New Jersey slice is perfect for pretty much any craving. The late-night study session, the late afternoon hangover or a chill night with friends, pizza is the common denominator. Rutgers offers some excellent pizza, and here are some of the best that they have to offer!

Krispy Pizza

Eating a hot, fresh slice of Krispy is quintessential to the Rutgers experience. They’re located at The Yard @ College Avenue campus, right at the bus stop and in front of the Sojourner Truth Apartments. Krispy has been a Rutgers staple for years, and when you’re strapped for time and can’t be bothered to cook, a Krispy slice is the way to go. If you prefer more cheese on your pizza, Krispy is the perfect place for you.

Daniel's Pizzeria

The late-night pizza run experience is best defined by Daniel’s. Located in a small, dimly-lit kitchen further down Easton Avenue, Daniel’s serves up the best (in my opinion) vodka sauce pizza Rutgers has to offer. It’s open until 3 a.m. and is right down the road from Insomnia Cookies, making for an excellent late-night food run. Their Esperanza, eggplant parmigiana and buffalo chicken are all excellent slices to satisfy that 2 a.m. craving.

PJ's Pizza & Grill

PJ’s is a 3-minute walk from Fritz’s on Easton Avenue, and they offer more than just pizza. There are rave reviews about their sandwiches, soups and pasta dishes. The service at PJ’s is great. Every single employee there is enthusiastic and willing to help.

It’s situated right between a large chunk of off-campus housing and is open fairly late, making it another go-to pizza spot for Rutgers students. Their pizza is heavy on the cheese and has a dense but tasty crust. Their buffalo chicken slice is one of their more popular slices, with a delicious buffalo sauce and tasty chicken.

Douglas Pizza & Grill

Douglas Pizza, located near the SoCam 290 Apartments on George Street, offers more than just pizza, serving up cheesesteaks and gyros as well. The crust of their pizza is fluffy, and the sauce is flavored well. Douglass has been heralded for their buffalo chicken pizza and variety of sandwich options.

This is an excellent choice for those looking to grab a quick slice before or after that long class. And for any Muslims, this place is 100 percent halal.

Knight's Express Pizza & Grill

Knight’s Express is another student favorite along Easton Avenue. Their pizza is incredibly filling but (personally) nothing special. It provides the perfect price point for the broke college student and decent flavor.

The pizza isn't overly greasy, and like the other options on this list, Knight's Express provides more than just pizza. If you’re looking for a late-night bite and don’t want to traverse down Easton Ave, Knight’s Express is in a perfect location. 

Panico's Restaraunt & Grill

Panico’s, in my experience, is less known among students,but still a very good option. The cheese is perfectly melty and the marinara sauce is seasoned well. Panico’s uses a variety of fresh ingredients to ensure top quality, and so far, it hasn't disappointed.

This is among some of the best pizza one can have in New Brunswick, coupled with a decent seating area and a nice bar (for those of age). Local guides even report occasional live music with a very cozy ambiance. If your family is coming over to visit, Panico’s might be the perfect spot to take them for a pleasant dinner.

Pizza City

Pizza City is near a small (but well-known) burger joint, Diesel and Duke. The staff is incredibly friendly, and the pizza delivers on flavor and quality. They are known for their unique pizza toppings, like cheese fries or the taco pizza with green sauce.

Their chocolate milkshakes and garlic knots are excellent editions to an order, and according to many locals, they serve great pork and pineapple tacos. Pizza City is another perfect pizzeria for the savvy and frugal college student. 

R.U. Grill & Pizza

R.U. Grill is another student-favorite pizzeria. The wall is plastered with pictures of Rutgers students, and according to many current/former students, the owner is incredibly sweet and caring. Located near Huey's Knight Club, R.U. Grill is in another perfect location to soothe that 2 a.m. pizza craving. This is notably one of the cheaper options for students, which may explain its love among students.

There are far more pizzerias in New Brunswick to review, and with the amount of food here, you could spend all your time reviewing the different eateries. Wherever you’re from, New Jersey or otherwise, a good slice is sometimes all you need to lift your spirits.

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