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Students give their takes on new Summer Service Internship Initiative at U.

Multiple students feel that the Rutgers Summer Service Internship (RSSI) Initiative is a beneficial opportunity exclusively made available for Rutgers students.
 – Photo by Matan Dubnikov

University President Jonathan Holloway’s new Rutgers Summer Service Internship (RSSI) Initiative accepted applications over the past month for the summer 2022 cohort.

The RSSI Initiative was established as the first program that Holloway planned under his action to make civic engagement a larger component of Rutgers education. It will provide service-oriented summer internships at public, non-profit organizations and direct-service government offices to undergraduate students.

The initiative will be run by various Rutgers organizations, including the Eagleton Institute of Politics and the Office of Career Exploration and Success, which will allow for students to have a wide variety of places to work that offer a focus on public service, as previously ​​reported by The Daily Targum.

Multiple students discussed their reactions to this initiative being the first of its kind at the University.

Mandy Singer, a School of Arts and Sciences junior, said she thinks the initiative is a great opportunity that emerged from the University and that she considered applying when she heard of the opportunity as she wanted a chance to earn money as well as additional internship experience for the summer.

She also said the opportunity is a chance to get hands-on experience in any field, as it will enhance professional opportunities for students. Additionally, Singer said that working in service toward the common good is another benefit the program has to offer. 

“It will give students the ability to learn more about themselves as far as what they want to do for a living once they graduate,” Singer said. “It can help guide students in the right direction when thinking about what career path is right for them.”

Kyle Rutter, a School of Engineering first-year, said he was eager to learn more about what the initiative has to offer when he initially heard about it. He said he is currently seeking internship opportunities for the summer, so the initiative was very interesting to him.

“Students have a hard time finding internships on their own, so this program could be very useful for them,” he said.

Rutter also said he believes the initiative can lead to the outcome of leadership and job experience for students, as well as help them in developing professional habits.

Jeremy Briskin, a Rutgers Business School sophomore, said he considered applying for the RSSI Initiative. He also said he understands the challenges students face in finding internships. 

“Students have a difficult time networking,” he said. “Having an in with a company and balancing school with job hunting is challenging. I’m a sophomore ... trying to find an internship and it has been very tough.”

Briskin also said he feels the RSSI Initiative is a great opportunity for students at Rutgers to do more community service and will make the University a better place.

Regarding the University’s new internship opportunity, all three of the students agreed that the RSSI Initiative provides an opportunity exclusively to Rutgers students, which is a great benefit.

Singer said she feels the initiative will give students the motivation that they need to apply to internships and jobs in the future.

“It is always useful for there to be an internship for students to apply to, and ... offering it to Rutgers students makes it easier for them to apply,” she said.

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