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Internet era dating: Is it romance revolution, or are we losing at love?

Online dating apps like Tinder and Hinge have taken over the dating scene. Is it for better or for worse? – Photo by Markus Winkler / Unsplash

The internet’s development over the years truly is mindblowing — and the ease of knowledge that came with it in terms of connecting with others has both improved and impaired communication.

Dating in the era of the internet is a blessing for those who are more comfortable talking behind a screen as it's given the opportunity for more people to populate the dating pool. Though for others, it's become an unwanted chore that isn’t worth the constant communication and stress over being portrayed in a certain way online.

Dating applications like Tinder, Hinge and Bumble — just to name a few — create a space where people can connect and seek out relationships. But this might not be the best way to take on the beast we call dating. Although there is more outreach opportunity and benefits that come with things like filtering when it comes to finding an ideal match, there is the downside that anyone can cover up their identity when signing up for dating apps.

The pro that privacy makes people more likely to communicate without fear for their image also has a con — the potential for a false sense of connection with someone who you don’t really know. This can lead to dangerous situations when meeting someone for the first time from the internet.

Meeting people through the internet can pose an extremely risky scenario if one party is looking to trick and corner the other. There are plenty of cases where individuals go on dating apps and act naive in order to create a sense of comfort to mask their true intentions.

When it’s finally time to meet in-person, though, they use manipulative tactics in order to get sexual favors, mistreat the other person or just generally cause a hazardous situation. While this is possible with in-person dating, as well, there are more tells when continually forming an in-person relationship from the start.

Dating apps offer more when it comes to narrowing down options and helping you find a partner within a group you're a part of (like specific religious backgrounds, ethnicities or sexual orientation) so that you're more likely to understand one another.

This aspect of dating on the internet is wholesome and can curate a safe space by allowing you to narrow your dating pool to a specific category. Then, people are more inclined to make genuine connections with less superficiality.

While finding a dating community to connect with is crucial in making sincere connections, dating on the internet frames texting as one of the primary ways to communicate with a potential partner. Some relish this idea since texting makes people braver in their conversations, but people can also send impulsive and hurtful messages that are not well thought out.

Texting, if happening multiple times every day, can whittle down a relationship, as well. If you’re constantly texting your partner, there's no opportunity to miss them or feel a sense of longing.

This hinders the importance of small moments with them. Texting creates an oversaturation of communication, and people use this as an opportunity to focus completely on their significant other without trying to improve on themselves — a slippery slope.

All in all, the internet has both advanced and created new problems within the dating world. With dating apps there is increased reach, expanding the dating pool for those who are scared to take that first step in-person. Though, dangerous scenarios can be bred from online dating, as well, with certain individuals able to use the fact that they're hiding behind a screen to manipulate partners into uncomfortable and risky situations.

Nonetheless, there is good that comes from dating on the internet — like those allowing you to select your dating pool and finding relationships where you would have solidarity on a dating app. The ability to search for a partner within a community like this makes finding a genuine connection more plausible.

Texting and online dating are newer forms of communication that both add and take away from a relationship — but any form of using phones or the internet in relationships, if used in moderation, can create a beautiful connection and legitimate love.

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