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Don't let cold weather stop you from looking your best! Try these tips to warm up your style

Winter doesn't have to get in the way of a good outfit. Layering and finding quality staple pieces, for example, can elevate your look, regardless of the temperature.  – Photo by

Nothing says "welcome back to campus" like the blizzard that just knocked the stuffing out of the Northeast. The snow storm brought the freezing cold with it, and if Punxsutawney Phil is to be believed, we’ll have six more weeks of winter. But just because temperatures are dropping doesn’t mean you have to bundle up without looking good! Here are a few tips to keep you warm and fashionable this winter.

Multiple light, tight layers

Layering seems like an obvious thought when dressing in winter. But there’s more to it than just grabbing random items. For example, wearing several layers of tight clothing under your outfit can really help keep the cold out a lot better than wearing just a sweater and a coat.

Since turtlenecks are trendy right now, invest in a few tight-fitting turtlenecks that you can wear under your outfit. I’ve been using this trick this winter, and it’s done a great job at keeping the heat in. It also covers your neck, which means you might be able to skip wearing a scarf if it clashes with your outfit.

If you like wearing tights but want to stay away from the sheer black tights in the cold, you can try layering fleece tights under black ones. This way, you can still wear the look without your legs turning into icicles and even keep shorter skirts and dresses out of storage during this season.

Staple coat

When choosing a great coat for winter, it’s best to find a staple coat that you’ll wear for the majority of the season. This piece should compliment your outfit, rather than overwhelming it or stealing the spotlight.

Long coats like trench coats are typically the best option as they cover more area and are always chic. Plus, they go great with most outfits.

If you search trench coats online, you’ll find a lot of pricey options, but that’s not really accessible to most college students. You can usually find a good coat after scouring the aisles of a thrift store (personally that's where I found mine).

Matching winter accessories

Wearing winter accessories can often feel like a checklist to stay warm, but it can also be an opportunity to elevate an outfit. And coordinating your accessories can make you look a lot more fashionable.

One way that you can do this is by having your hats, gloves, scarves, etc. all match each other and stand out against your outfit. 

Alternatively, you can match your accessories to your coat and make everything one color. Monochromatic outfits look amazing (i.e. the classic all black or all white) and, in my opinion, are especially suitable for winter. You could also use the color wheel to your advantage and find colors that complement one another.

Picking the right shoes

Walking around after a snow storm in shoes can be a real disaster. If you’re not wearing the right kind, the snow can soak your shoes, or the salt may ruin them. Though I, too, can be stubborn about wearing the shoes I like best despite weather conditions, it might be best to leave your favorite pairs in the closet after a snow storm.

There’s nothing worse than stepping in a puddle of melted snow and having to go from class to class with wet shoes. Luckily, there’s a lot of diversity in boots, and they’ll do a better job keeping your feet warm and dry than flats or sneakers.

With the right tips, there’s no reason that you should sacrifice too much of your closet in the name of winter. College is a great time to experiment and try different fashion styles, and whether you’re heading to class or hitting downtown, you should bundle up in style.

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