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RUPD investigates theft of catalytic converters from New Brunswick, Newark campuses

Catalytic converters were stolen from several vehicles on the Livingston and Cook campuses at Rutgers—New Brunswick, as well as from several locations at the Rutgers—Newark campus. – Photo by Tony Webster /

The Rutgers University Police Department (RUPD) is investigating the theft of multiple catalytic converters that were cut out of vehicles on or near University property between Sept. 1 and Nov. 20, according to a University-wide email.

Thefts were reported in Lot 105 on Livingston campus and Lot 99 D on Cook campus at Rutgers—New Brunswick. Vehicles on Morris Avenue, the Doctors Office Center Parking Deck and the International Center for Public Health Lot at Rutgers—Newark were also affected.

The cars that were impacted by the thefts included a Honda CR-V, a Honda Element and a Toyota Prius, according to the email. Catalytic converters from trucks, SUVs, recreational vehicles, vans and hybrid cars are reportedly commonly stolen throughout the state.

Anyone with information regarding the incident or who may have been around at the time of the thefts should contact the RUPD.

To deter catalytic converter thefts, RUPD said students should adjust car alarms to activate upon sensing vibrations, park their vehicles in well-lit areas and consider installing security devices that are specific to catalytic converters, according to the email. Suspicious activity and persons should also be reported to the RUPD immediately.

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