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DODARO: Efes Cafe features late-night snacks

Column: Sip it Up

Efes is a wonderful coffee and pastry stop. – Photo by Olivia Thiel

As I carried on my search for cafes around New Brunswick, I stumbled upon Efes Cafe. Normally I would keep my drink runs restricted to the afternoon, at the latest, but I was craving a late-night latte and with Efes Cafe open, I could not pass up the opportunity to quench my thirst. 

If you are in the mix for a late-night study spot with a cozy atmosphere, fresh coffee and other delicious drinks, as well as oodles of dessert, you need to make your way over to Efes Cafe. But make sure not to mix the cafe up with the restaurant next door because I fell victim to this rookie mistake.

Walking up to the counter, I got a full view of the dessert cabinet (which looked heavenly might I add) and a chalkboard menu with classic coffee options, lattes and seasonal drinks. After placing my order I shuffled over to the room on the right where there were a variety of seating options. Not only did I see other students studying, but also the atmosphere was perfect for a late-night coffee date or just a chill hangout spot for friends.

After finding the perfect seat, I waited patiently for my drink and flight of desserts (there was no way I could try just one). My gaze began to wander as soon as I sat down. I noticed the brightly designed room with its white patterned wallpaper and light-wooden tables. The atmosphere was perfect for studying and with a constant influx of coffee, I cannot think of a better spot to grind some work out in.

Following the beginning of the conversation with my friend, I noticed the barista approaching our table with the goods and I could not be happier with the timing! I ordered an iced chai latte with a plate filled with baklava, a coconut flavored cookie and apple pie. 

The chai latte was super flavorful but did not overly taste of cinnamon which I appreciated. The ratio of chai to milk was spot on and it was a creamy spicy dance on my tongue. 

Moving on to the dessert, I could not be more satisfied. The baklava was flaky but well put together with a sweet nutty taste. The coconut flavored cookie had a perfect balance of coconut and crunchy cookie with flakes of coconut garnishing the outside.

Finally, the apple pie was a perfect execution of the classic dessert with a nice apple to puff-pastry ratio. My taste buds were not disappointed with a single thing I tried and were even jumping for joy by the end of the experience.

Another great aspect of Efes Cafe is the fact that nobody will bother you, no matter the amount of time you spend in their cafe. I was talking with friends for around 3 hours and there were no complaints from the barista nor was I pressured to order more than I could eat or drink.

The pricing is an additional benefit to Efes Cafe because they are fairly priced and for the free atmosphere, I would say I got my bang for my buck. The drinks are around $5 to $6 and the pastries are between $1 and $8 so you can choose to stay on a budget or splurge depending on what funds you have available. 

Efes Cafe’s location is ideal for anyone living on the College Avenue campus because if you need a coffee for a study session you can grab one here and then head over to the library or your favorite study spot.

If you are a dessert-lover like me who does not always want to go out, Efes Cafe delivers so if your sweet-tooth needs to be satisfied, but your urge to get out of bed is crippling, you can always have your favorite cake and latte delivered right to your door.

All in all Efes Cafe is the spot for numerous reasons. From their flexible hours of 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., to their reasonably priced delicious drinks and pastries, finishing off with a cozy study atmosphere, they really do have it all. I know I am going to take advantage of the hours and grab as much dessert as my stomach will allow because Efes Cafe is the perfect place for a dessert-loving night-owl like me and it could be your spot too so make sure to drop by!

Francesca Dodaro is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore majoring in English. Her column, "Sip it Up," runs on alternate Tuesdays.

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