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Want to take cute fall pics on campus? Here are some of Rutgers' most Instagrammable spots

If you're looking to spice up your feed for this fall, taking pictures in scenic areas like Passion Puddle on Douglass campus is the way to go. – Photo by Olivia Thiel

It’s officially fall, and not just on the calendar. The weather is crisp, the leaves are changing and the smell of something fresh is in the air.

You know what that means? Fall fashion. Sweaters, leather and layers! What better way to show off your fall fits than having a photoshoot to get your Instagram feed in check with your favorite fall aesthetic?

There’s a plethora of photoshoot location gems on campus to meet all of your fall fit showcasing needs. Put on your Sunday best, grab a friend and your phone and check out these five spots around Rutgers:

Busch campus: Rutgers Golf Course

Golf courses are a classic photoshoot aesthetic all year round but especially in the fall. The contrast between your fall aesthetic and the sunny green elevates the emphasis of the chilly fall weather and leaves your Instagram feed bright in a smooth transition from your summer flicks.

Head to the golf course on Busch campus in your interpretation of fall, sporty and chic. If you’re feeling really motivated, maybe even rent a golf cart and take some photos driving it around the green.

College Avenue campus: Alexander Library

We love a schoolgirl aesthetic! With classes finally back on campus and midterms heating up, immerse yourself in your best “Gossip Girl,” Blair Waldorf moment and head to the stacks at Alexander Library. Pro Tip: Bring a disposable film camera for an upgraded vintage look to your schoolgirl vibe.

Douglass campus: Passion Puddle

Looking for a lowkey outdoor spot? Passion Puddle on Cook campus is a cute little pond surrounded by flowers and beautiful trees that make for an easy, stunning background. The sun shines through during golden hour and reflects off of the water, giving your skin the ultimate glow and highlighting your accessories and your best fall skirt.

Livingston campus: Green 

If you can handle taking photos with a few bystanders, the green on Livingston campus right off the Livingston Plaza bus stop makes for a super cute picnic area.

Bring your best charcuterie board and a white sheet and take some candids sitting down or leaning against a tree. Brown leather is in right now, so sporting the trend would provide a nice contrast against the field and look incredible on you in this spot.

Douglass campus: Walking Bridge

The walking bridge that crosses George Street and leads to Hickman Hall on Douglass campus is an ideal spot to lengthen your frame in poses and hit flattering angles. Have your photographer friend stand below you, follow you walking down the bridge or sit on the steps. This is where you can really highlight your freshest shoes and swing a purse around to accentuate your style.

I’ll admit — the bridge itself is a little musty, but there’s nothing a little editing of the light source and brightness can’t help with.

One key thing to make sure you bring along with you to any of these ideal photo spots is your confidence. You look good, so own it! Social media is all fake anyway, so take photos that show your personality, your style, your smile and liven up your feed with bright moments of you with the help of these aesthetic spots on campus.

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