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Scrolling through Reddit? Here are some interesting threads to check out

With Reddit being of the most unique social media sites out there, there’s countless threads to discover, from totally strange to absolutely hilarious. – Photo by Sakina Pervez

In the age of the internet, different subgroups can be created in the blink of an eye. In terms of information, Reddit is one of the best social media platforms. Memes circulate at a breakneck speed, and it’s almost impossible to keep up with everything that circulates through the internet in a day.

Reddit is best suited for niche interests, and there are subreddits dedicated to things that most people never even think to create. They range from education-centered subreddits, like r/politics and r/worldnews, to some of the most idiotic groups that question your belief in humanity as a species. Within this middle ground, there are some select subreddits that deserve more attention than they receive.

Here are some standout Reddit threads you should check out:


r/vexillologycirclejerk takes the concept of the flag and flips it on its head. They create their own versions of countries’ flags, and their designs are both hilarious and creative in their execution.

Fan favorites include the Russian flag with a smaller Russian flag inside of it, the American flag, but it’s a DVD player and the flag of Ireland with a stegosaurus in the middle. The amount of creativity put into their posts feels both inspiring and ridiculous, but it’s comforting to exist in parts of the internet that are mainly meant for entertainment.


r/TheLetterH is a subreddit that is dedicated to expressing their love for the letter H. It mostly focuses on diminishing the power of other letters while establishing their favoritism. Most of the posts aren’t even complete sentences and simply say “H."

Whenever they see an H out in the wild, they document it to relentless applause. The people of r/TheLetterH will diminish G any chance they get, and it’s a community that bonds to focus on a common goal. The top post is a Redditor explaining why “H” is such a great letter, which reveals their dedication and reasoning behind their existence.

Their posts also contain a healthy amount of self-awareness, and they know not to take themselves too seriously. Additionally, out of all the subreddits dedicated to letters, r/TheLetterH is the most popular by far, with more than 60,000 members.


r/ambien is a subreddit dedicated to people openly sharing the things they’ve done while on Ambien, and most of the posts are complete nonsense. The most popular posts include pictures of their cats or people struggling to complete simple tasks because they’re on Ambien. They’ll post a picture of a camel and claim it’s a horse or stare at sheet music for an hour, when in reality, they are unable to read sheet music.

The posts are so ridiculous it makes you wonder if these people are actually doing what they say they are, but the fact that the community exists is enough. The dichotomy of secondary education steering us away from drugs contrasts beautifully with this subreddit, and its absurdity makes it a hilarious place to browse and read what other people are doing at the same time as you.


r/Dogslookingdown is a subreddit where people post pictures of their dogs looking down at a camera. Their dog ends up usually looking like a giant due to the camera angle, and it’s a great space for people who love pets and the joy they provide.

The captions are humorous and entertaining, and it’s easy to get sucked into the rabbit hole of dogs looking down gleefully without a care in the world.

The internet is a complicated ecosystem. Absurdity and beauty exist in the same digital space. Political scandals and Right-wing nationalists can exist among subreddits dedicated to the most minute and ridiculous things.

Knowing that not everything on the internet is depressing is a hopeful sign, and these communities exist to fulfill these niche needs. While Reddit can be dismissed as a community of misfits, these subreddits are home to thousands of people who can find their home for what they choose to share on the internet.

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